Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread 19.07.2016 (07.19.2016)


Wait a minute. Heart-breaking…? :thinking: Interesting.


‘A House Built On Sand’ reminds me of ‘A Seafood Massacre’. I really love this feeling when I can recognize classic levels in the new ones. :yum:


Agent Smith is dead in the morgue


Most annoying NPC in the game. You can’t tell when he looks over the banister & the camera often won’t let you look up the stairs, so it’s hard to get a good look. Also this guy will sometimes spot you taking out the security guard which sucks even more :expressionless:

This part of the map has annoyed me since the Summer Bonus episode came out. I would like it so that Mr. Movie Crew doesn’t look over the banister since when he does it’s incredibly awkward trying to take out the security guard.


Extremely late to the party, but did a quick run of killing Dino Bosco with an unsilenced shotgun SA SO


A House Built on Sand - Flying Explosive Lamps - SA/SO


The Icon - Mid-jump Sniper Kill


I think I may have to purchase these bonus episodes. I haven’t paid hitman in such a long time. Be nice to step back into 47s shoes.


They are actually really good and alot better than I expected. While all of them have slightly smaller maps then the main missions, they have some really fun set pieces and alot of work put into them. The landslide mission in particular is one of my favorite missions in the whole game and has some really incredible and brutal kills.


I best download the last episode pack then. I’m definitely buying the next Hitman all upfront :smiley:


A House Built On Sand also has as much depth as a main mission.


Camera Catapult on The Icon


I’ve hardly played this map (as it’s very linear and kinda boring) but decided to try a lockdown wire attempt.


Got Bosco with the chandelier in the stairway.


More than a year since it was released…
Just playing normal I beat these two missions SA without much effort. Still fun though, and I like the stories.
It was nice to have the extra play.


but at what cost? at what cooooooooooost???


On hundred percent for free


Used my chandelier strat just above for this as now you can one shot head shot kill Bosco.


@ anybody else who might be good with markman + aiming a sniper.

Try and headshot Bosco midflight when he jumps off the ramp. Maybe he will fall somewhere to get SA.


Specific sniper or any sniper does it now? Once Bosco jumps and lands on the other side, there’s a brief period where you can get an unnoticed sniper kill. I’ve tried it earlier but it required 3 shots with Jaeger 7 and so no SA.


Oh ya…with the ghost.