Summer Bonus Episode problems


i am trying to download the summer bonus episode but have been experiencing trouble the last few days. The content will download to about 30% completion, and then it quits on me and says cannot download. Anyone know what the issue is with why it won’t fully download to 100% ? Thanks.


Is this on console or PC?


Is hitman the only game where you have this problem?


I have it on console, ps4 exactly.


Yes so far. I just bought my ps4 but I have downloaded other things like the requiem pack for hitman.


Hmm. Can you check in the settings how much space you have left on your data storage? It’s highly possible that it’s full and that you can’t download things because there is no space left.


Checked and I still have plenty of space. I actually just bought this ps4 new and hitman is the first and only game I have saved.