Summer Bonus Episode PS4 problem


So The Complete First Season is free for PS Plus this month but i didn’t find those three missions——“The Icon” “A House Built on Sand” “Landsilde”.
It should be included according the news.
Will it be re-sold?


Library>Games>HITMAN>scroll down to Playstation store but dont select it>select “your addons” on the right side of the screen. It says “dina tillägg” in my image, select that>download Summer Bonus Episode manually



It doesn’t work,cannot find it in my add-ons list.
And my account region is Hong Kong.

HITMAN 2016 The First Complete Season free with PS Plus February 2019

What happens when you select “get access” in the game?
Select Bonus Episode in HITMAN store tab in game main menu.
Have you searched for the dlc in the ps store?


When i choose “get access” >“Go to Playstation Store” in the game,it will show “There is no content.It might not be for sale yet,or might no longer be for sale.”


Make sure you’re in the same region in ps store as the one you downloaded the game from
Make sure that you’re in the ps store with the same account you downloaded the game

Restore your license then check if you can download it from “your add-ons” or ps store

Step 1: Log into the PSN that purchased the content in question. Step 2: Go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [ Restore Licenses ]

From what i see, people have had issues with downloading it for ps but they solved it.

You can read this thread.

If all of that doesn’t work then try reinstalling the game once.
If you still can’t download it then contact square enix support and tell them your issue and your psn id, region, the game etc…
Good luck


Thank you. I tried something but no progress now,and i think i need reinstall the game for test.


Hello @gwl I have same problem

Please update if Re-install fixes problem.


I re-installed the game but nothing happened.Still cannot find bonus episode.

PSN ID: m101325_

Besides,the add-ons list is weird.I’ve played HITMAN Complete First Season(pre-owned disc version) and HITMAN 2(via Legacy Pack),seems add-ons mergered?


@gwl Despite my teasing about you guys no longer being a part of the U.K., in @Soupienza’s thread, the bonus content is also not showing in the U.K. store. It seems to me that the only way to access it is via Hitman 2. Are you able to download a free version of Hitman 2 and use the legacy pack? If so, that might be a workaround. Also, Square Enix is the publisher for H1, not Warner Bros., should you want to contact them.


According to the original instructions, the way to redeem Legacy Pack in consoles was through H2016.

Interestingly, on PS+, where my bro and I never bought HITMAN ever, the only Legacy Pack listed for offer after getting this so-called “Complete First Season without Bonus Episode” is HITMAN: GOTY LEGACY PACK.

This matches the listing below also from the Legacy FAQ:

Of course, if they just let people get the actual COMPLETE FIRST SEASON for “free” (Sony Eternal Paid Subscription) then that means people can just claim Legacy Pack in H2 as you stated, but the only Legacy Pack available is the GOTY LEGACY PACK for purchase.

Does this mean that the PS+ Free Game offer was always just “HITMAN 2016’s 6 Story Missions Full Stop”? So that you cannot just claim Legacy Pack in H2 (or H2 Prologue(!)) with only just the free PS+ HITMAN S1?

More importantly, can we confirm that everybody who got HITMAN only through PS+ Free Games is missing this all important Bonus Episode?

@Travis_IOI This requires your attention as if IOI never had intention of offering the Bonus Episode, the offering on PS+ must be updated. If this is indeed supposed to be THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON, then Bonus Episode must be included.


You should 100% be able to claim the Legacy pack if you have the complete season edition downloaded.

They even mentioned it in the description for the trailer of the complete season edition

It says it clearly that Legacy pack is free for those who are eligible to redeem it , so for those who own (complete season or all 7 episodes installed) and since thr Legacy pack can’t be purschased, those are the only way to redeem it.

Now something is definitely wrong with the bonus episode. That could be why it doesn’t let you redeem the Legacy pack. All though all the dlcs are not necessary to have installed to redeem Legacy, only the base game is necessary, as it says that in the process of how to redeem legacy for PS4

What you should be able to do is , redeeming Legacy pack for free and then buying the GOTY Legacy upgrade if you wanted to do so.


Yes. The idea being that the only thing you do not possess if all you have is PS+ is the GOTY content: Patient Zero campaign and GOTY Suit pack.

Hope @Travis_IOI can clear this all up soon.


So no update from @Travis_IOI?

We are almost a week into this initial offering of The Complete First Season of HITMAN on PS+.


I have the same problem like you guys. I already sent an email to Square Enix Support and they said I have to contact IO Interactive via their twitter or facebook. I asked IO yesterday but they still haven’t answered yet.


Let me try and boil this down - it sounds like you’re saying that on a fresh download of the PS+ offering, the Bonus Episode isn’t included in that download, which then prevents a download of the Legacy Pack?

HITMAN 2016 The First Complete Season free with PS Plus February 2019

I don’t really know about the Legacy Pack for Hitman 2. We just can’t get access to the Bonus Episode on PS Plus Hitman 1


I think that people can only see the GOTY legacy option in the store page. I’ll edit this in a moment with a screenshot.


I think that the bonus missions were also originally separate downloads, but they appear to have been removed from the store.


I dont know anything about any bonus missions or a summer pack, im just trying to get my hitman 1 missions on my hitman 2 game and i thought i had to download a “legact pack” to do that. If theres anything that can be done somehow to fix this glitch, please let me know. Thank you.


Yes. This is exactly the issue. Getting The Complete First Season on PS+ results in six items (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido). But the seventh, the Bonus Episode (The Icon, Landslide, and A House Built On Sand) is missing.