Summer Bonus Episode PS4 problem


Hello @gwl. What did you have to do? Reinstall H1? Reinstall H2? Restore Licences?

Please advise. Thanks! :slight_smile:



We’ll take a look at this and try to figure out what’s up.



Thanks! You guys are the best! The issue appears to be impacting PS+ Singapore and PS+ Europe as pointed out by @gwl.



Not only the Singapore store but also the Indonesia store. I think the all the Asia ps plus has this problem. But I’m very glad to hear that this issue is being taken care of.



Same problem here. Thanks for pointing it out my fellow Ps asian region. I bought the gold edition so that i can have the complete H2 and H1 as well (via ps plus). How much longer do we need to wait? Give us any update atleast??



The issue is that IOI have said before that the minimum content to be eligible as a Season 1 owner, including rights to earn basic Legacy Pack, is that you must own:

  1. Paris
  2. Sapienza
  3. Marrakesh
  4. Bangkok
  5. Colorado
  6. Hokkaido
  7. Bonus Episode (The Icon, Landslide, and A House Built On Sand)

All other content, particularly GOTY Suits, Patient Zero were part of GOTY Edition (and hence there is a GOTY Legacy Pack).

The 7 above supposedly are part of HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. Which was true on Steam PC when I bought that exact version back when Hokkaido dropped in.

On PS+ Europe and Asia it appears that HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is missing the Bonus Episode and therefore they all fall out of the minimum requirement for H2 Legacy Pack.

Also I believe all PS+ Asia is based in Singapore, though PS+ Japan appears to be its own territory.

You are correct that the issue does not affect owners of GOTY. But the PS+ Offer right now does not include GOTY.

Tagging @Travis_IOI for follow up. Seems more and more people have this problem.

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@Travis_IOI… uh… IOI people, this is not good…

PS+ Offer for HITMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is up to end of February. I hope you guys can solve this at the very least before February ends.

Not a good incident for this otherwise great product.



We are currently tracking an issue where the Bonus Episode was not included in the PS+ offering in Asia. We’re working with our partners to get that fixed.


Legacy Pack Missing on PS4
Hitman 2 Legacy Pack PSN Asia

OK… Thanks IOI! :slight_smile:

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Ladies and Gentlemen of PS+ Asia…

The Bonus Episodes have appeared under The Complete First Season.

The Legacy Pack is now also available on PS+ for owners of The Complete First Season

@Travis_IOI . Good work as always.



Yeah just checked that out. A very good news indeed! Thanks @Travis_IOI and the team we know we can count on you guys.



I’m still not getting it. Installed both Hitman PS+ Plus version and Hitman 2 Prologue but how do I play Hitman 1 episodes in Hitman 2? Please advice



There should be a “Legacy Pack” option for you to select in the in-game “store” tab im the main menu of Hirman2016

On PS4 (Digital)

  • Be sure you have the H1 ‘base game’ installed and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th.
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • Once the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only.


Are you in Asia? This issue is an Asia Region issue. There’s no legacy pack in the store. Installed Hitman on February 7th so it should be the latest update



No im in Europe. This issue was fixed today



If you claimed the PS+ “HITMAN: The Complete First Season”, you should check “The Complete First Season” to make sure you have SEVEN (7) Add-Ons:

  1. Paris
  2. Sapienza
  3. Marrakesh
  4. Bangkok
  5. Colorado
  6. Hokkaido
  7. Bonus Episode (The Icon, Landslide, A House Built on Sand)

Make sure they are ALL installed (or at least installing).

Once this happened you can launch HITMAN (not HITMAN 2) and in the store there you will see HITMAN LEGACY PACK (different from GOTY LEGACY PACK).

This HITMAN LEGACY PACK is purchased for Free.

Get it and your Download Queue will now suddenly have additional Legacy Versions of the HITMAN Add-Ons (eg: You will see HITMAN PARIS LEGACY, HITMAN SAPIENZA LEGACY, etc.)

You will see all of this except the GOTY stuff so no Patient Zero and you won’t get the three GOTY suits. Some weapons I think like the Striker were part of GOTY.

So don’t expect those if you got only HITMAN: The Complete First Season.

When all the Legacy Add-Ons have downloaded, launch HITMAN 2 (Prologue or Full Version… either works).

You will see that by claiming Legacy Pack you have been given a Chrome Silverballer, a Requiem Suit (based on 47’s suit from the final mission of HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY), a Pale Duck remote explosive, and a Tourist Aluminum Suitcase.

In HITMAN 2 you will see that you can play the HITMAN Campaign (the 6 mission campaign from 2016’s HITMAN but with HITMAN 2 engine) as well as the Bonus Missions and you can also play them in Destinations page. The same content is also accessible in Contracts Mode.

Sarajevo Six, however, does not carry over. Do not expect to see this in HITMAN 2.

This works even if you only launch HITMAN 2 Prologue.

And that is all the goodies you get. Hope this helps.

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I installed the PS+ Hitman on 7th of February. It installed each level individually.

There is no such “HITMAN LEGACY PACK” in the store tab

When I clicked on Bonus Episodes:

This is what appears in Hitman 2 Prologue:

When I clicked on “GO TO PLAYSTATION STORE”:



If you see that HITMAN THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is available again for PURCHASE in PS+ Store… I suggest you click that tile as if you are buying it again (for Free of course as part of PS+ Feb Free Games).

You might recall that after February 7th it is listed as “OWNED” or something. But I think if you look at PS+ Store today it says you can PURCHASE it.

That’s what you need to do… you need to get it again… and this time it will give you all Seven Add-Ons.

NOTE: The error you are describing is if you have only SIX of the required SEVEN Add-ons.



A notification popped up saying cannot add content to [Downloads] as it is already installed but I think they’re downloading again individually including the bonus episodes this time. Thank you very much for the assist. I will report back upon completion and confirm if everything is working.



Yes… if you see Bonus Episode then hooray for you! :slight_smile:
When it is done just go to HITMAN in-game store and you will see Legacy Pack.

For me it even allowed me to claim it already even if Bonus Episode was still downloading and not finished yet.

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