Summer Delinquency! Mendie Curated Contracts (Jun 2023)

Released on June 8. Curated by @mendietinha

The contracts:
You Date, You Die by Mendie
Summer Doctor… Doctor… Doctor… by Mendie
The Delinquent’s Demise by @YupItsPurple
The Ungrapefuls by @AgentSnail47
Cocain’t by AgentSnail47
Death by Fiber 3 (Version 2) - Any Disguise by @STREET_SURG30N
Accidental Bikers by Street_Surgeon
The Dartmoor Descendance by @Crewdy
The Wired Conundrum #22 by AKCSE
Accident Only #1 by AKCSE


Currently doing these right now and then I see some sneaky mischief on the Death By Fiber 3 - there’s a lot more targets in this contract than what I thought the game allowed :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a pretty solid batch to me. I could even give them a try later!

Edit: just played “You Date, you die” and the Miami doctor one. Really cool contracts.
Also, this is probably the first time I haved fun with a Garden Show contract!


0:00-0:24 Accident Only #1 (1:08) SA/AO Featured Contract by Akcse
2:23-2:48 The Wire Conundrum #22 (2:16) SA/SO/FW Featured Contract by Akcse
5:45-6:06 The Dartmoor Descendance (1:50) SA/AO Featured Contract by @Crewdy
8:36-8:56 Accidental Bikers (0:55) SA/AO Featured Contract by @STREET_SURG30N
10:37-11:05 Death by Fiber 3 (Version 2)- Any Disguise (1:52) SA/FW Featured Contract by STREETSURG3ON
13:40-14:02 Cocain’t (3:00) SA/PO Featured Contract by @AgentSnail47
17:50-18:12 The Ungrapefuls (1:19) SSA/SO Featured Contract by AgentSnail47
20:25-20:44 The Delinquent’s Demise (1:19) SA Featured Contract by @YupItsPurple
22:43-23:07 Summer Doctor… Doctor… Doctor… (1:52) SA Featured Contract by @mendietinha
25:41-26:03 You Date, You Die (1:34) SA/SO Featured Contract by Mendietinha


Not sure how long this will last, but pleased with this result (on Xbox).


A satisfying batch. Two of them took me a few tries (like the Hokkaido one with FW kills). I think I have one left.

The Whittleton Creek one… Doable with a sniper rifle. :+1:

Also, :partying_face: 10 FCs!


Have to say this was one of the best batches of featured contracts we’ve had in Hitman 3. Well done Mendie. None of them used silly tricks, they weren’t overly complicated, and they were just plain fun. It’s just a shame that a lot of people probably don’t care about featured contracts anymore and won’t ever play these.


A really good selection, I haven’t been this pleased with FCs in a while.

You Date, You Die - Great concept and pretty fun to play. Obama’s machete as the chosen weapon was kinda random but I think it was chosen because of the recent change to swords and briefcases? Anyway I enjoyed it a lot. 4/5

Summer Doctor… Doctor… Doctor… Felt a bit too similar to a Miami escalation, but still decent. 3/5

The Delinquent’s Demise I found this one kinda meh. I’m not too fond of any / anys unless they have a great briefing or theme, and this one didn’t. A couple of tasers thrown here and there, quickly played, quickly forgotten :confused: 2/5

The Ungrapefuls - The route felt pretty natural and flowed really well. Probably a pretty good contract for speedrunning. 4/5

Cocain’t - It was okay by itself, but I’ve probably poisoned these targets a thousand times already so it wasn’t particularly original. 3/5

Death by Fiber 3 (Version 2) - Any Disguise - Okay this was really easy but absolutely hilarious :smiley: I thought I wasn’t into kill everyone contracts but this kinda felt like a “light” one and was extremely fun to play. An interesting choice, maybe we’ll see more 6+ targets FCs in the future? 4/5

Accidental Bikers A good contract by itself, although I was kinda thrown off by the presence of the ICA agents since I was too familiar with the Freelancer layout of Berlin :x We really need an agent-less version of the map for contracts. 3/5

The Dartmoor Descendance A noise management contract, nice. Although I did have a bit of trouble to find the sweet spot for a couple of targets and had to KO more people than I wanted to, it was still quite fun to play. 4/5

The Wired Conundrum - I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this one because #fucknoori but it actually turned out to be a decent SONKO. 3/5

Accident Only #1 Blowing up vehicles with a sniper in Whittleton? Where do I sign up, I do that stuff in Freelancer all the time :smiley: I just loved it. 5/5


Death by fiber wire was simply fantastic :joy:


Thanks Mendie. Great set of feature contracts.


Agreed. I throughly enjoyed this set, next batch have a lot to live up too.

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Cocain’t was exceptionally fun and creative so I had to take the time to bring that up.

Yes I’m only going though these contracts now but hey i havent touched Hitman in the last 11 months until now ;D