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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience with the (rather terrible and non-relevant) advertisement that I ran on the site last week.
After the experiment, I’ve decided that I do not want to continue to run ads on Hitmanforum at this point.

However, there are still very real costs to maintaining Hitmanforum and they have risen due to the recent popularity of ‘HITMAN’ (among other reasons).

So I have created a patreon page which facilitates donations to hitmanforum.

Learn more about supporting Hitmanforum on Patreon

Hitmanforum will always be free, but if you can help out, your support is much appreciated. :heart:

Generous Sponsors:


Note on rewards
I will update the rewards (at least) every first week of each month, Watch this thread for updates.
I will update the ‘sponsors’ user group page styling so it will look better and hopefully a bit more worthy :wink:


So do you own this website? Is this forum not run by the people who make the game? Sorry if it’s a stupid question I’m new here and assumed it was owned and ran by the developers. Are you a developer? Just curious.

no, no connection whatsoever.

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So is this not the official forum for Hitman?

Full disclose :smiley:

This is a privately owned forum.
It was started by Steven (screen name Sersun), a US based fan of the Hitman Codename 47 game, in 2001.
A short while later Steven decided he wanted to focus on his company and did not have time to support the forum, so he transferred it to me (I was a moderator at the time.)

I have privately owned the forum since around 2002.

IO have supported Hitmanforum by linking us from their official channels (website, social media) and I have visited them a few times, but there is no official relationship or ownership.

Of course I am a big fan of their work :smile:

Edit - the official forum is located at


This isn’t an official SE-owned forum, however we’ve always been the largest Hitman community on the web.


Nope. The official forums are under Square-Enix’s domain name.

Some members of IOI are members to this forum (generally anyone whose username starts with IOI_ or ends with _IOI) and they are even kind enough to interact with us, but that is a manner of goodwill and this forum is in no way official.

On another note, @ampburner, shouldn’t this thread be under the Meta category?

It should :smile: thanks!

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Oh right I see thanks for clearing that up for me, well in that case I would like to say thank you for providing this awesome forum. I have no interest in going elsewhere as I love it here. All the cool features it has and helpful members are great. I will definitely be contributing asap however it won’t be massive amounts as I am not well off :laughing:.


I noticed it’s all in dollars can people in the uk donate too? Also can you make one off donations or is it always a monthly thing?

Patreon operates internationally.

You can not make one time donations through Patreon, but you can stop your monthly donation after the first month.

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Thanks for all the information @ampburner :slightly_smiling_face:.

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No problem. I realise that asking for money also brings responsibility.

I created this thread as a place for these types of questions.

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Thank you so much @SilentChaos47!

I’ve added you to the sponsors user group - the page looks a little shabby but I will remedy that in the coming days.


I’m going to look into my funds tomorrow and see what I can afford to donate. I would love to go for the blood money donation option but not sure if I will be able with all my other outgoings as its works out in total around £8.30 each month I believe. I will definitely get around to donating something though this forum is definitely the best I have been on.

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Why did you decide to remove ads?Why not have both?

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Nobody likes to see ads getting in the way. I’m all for them if they are needed but surely between all of us if we each donate a little we can help enough to keep this place going.

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@Mr.Reaper, Thank you. Please do not donate more than you can or wish to afford.

A couple of reasons why I choose to keep Hitman forum ad-free.

Looking at ads, frankly, sucks. HF exists because I want to create a great place to hang out with like-minded people where we could discuss Hitman. Having to look at ads degrades the user experience of the forum.

The particular ads that our network ( served were not relevant to the Hitman audience. It was serving stuff like ads for jewlery and webcomics. Those are not relevant (and because of that, by extension, they generate very low revenue)

Also, I think ads are in a way “immoral”.
Most of the advertising revenue would come from the hundreds of people without accounts (noobs) who drop in every day looking for a review or a walkthrough. That’s because they simply represent most of the traffic. They would look at one or two pages, then leave HF.

Yet the people who visit HF every day, the people for whom I created this site, would be forced to look at the advertisement every day. The ads would be disproportionally annoying to those visitors who are most important to the forum.
I think that is just wrong.

Technical reasons
A lot of people use ad-blocker these days. Especially the audience of Hitmanforum which is relatively young and tech-savvy. The use of adblockers will only spread in the future.

Discourse relies very heavily on javascript and asynchronous loading of content (that’s why you never have to go the “next” page, and you can keep scrolling forever.) which makes it a bit harder to integrate ads into the site.
Because of this feature, technically speaking, HF appears to have fewer pageviews than other forums (because everything is one big page), which is bad for revenue in some advertising models and rules out some advertising partners.

There are plug-ins for Discourse which enable it to use Google Adsense ads, which I have used before.
And so I tried that. It served slightly more relevant ads, but then Google Adsense decided to blacklist Hitmanforum. They do not wish their advertisers to be associated with some of our content (like the ‘[most beautiful woman][1]’) thread in our archives and requested to enforce censorship (which I refused to do).


@ampburner I did the blood money pledge got to stripe checkout bit put details in clicked pledge then it just disappeared and nothing happened? Has it worked? Kyle Thorneycroft is my name.