Surgeon Disguise Unobtainable in SA

Hi, got the game for my birthday a while back and I’ve really been enjoying it…except for this one problem with the final mission of Season 1.

It’s my understanding that, originally, taking the Makeover Opportunity in Hokkaido allowed the player to get access to the Surgeon disguise, since 47-as-Portman would meet with a Surgeon and have the chance to subdue him and take his clothes. As of right now, however, that is not the case. The NPC you meet with is a Doctor, a useful disguise in some ways but it does not give 47 access to any of the surgical areas.

This means that, as of right now, with my Mastery at less than, I believe, Level 18, I cannot get access to the Surgeon disguise while maintaining a Silent Assassin rating. The only Surgeons on the level now are in the operation control room, protected by multiple guards and locked doors, none of which will let you pass unless you’re already disguised as a Surgeon. So not only is (Not) Human Error unattainable (since I can’t get access to the control room to drop off Soders’ kill list), as well as Chameleon, I also can’t get a Silent Assassin kill using any method other than destroying his heart without subduing the Chief Surgeon first or using my Smuggled Item slot on the Disposable Scrambler (and then only using it to get to the defibrillator, which is the only unguarded surgical room).

Was this change intentional? If so, I have to say, it’s not a very fun change. And if not, would you mind fixing it?

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Have you tried to poison the steminal cells? It’s pretty easy, you can do this on the morgue: you just need to bypass one single, unserveiled room (you’ll found this in the rooms with the ovens). I did this with mastery 15 at that time.

Smuggle the disposable scrambler, then obtain the poison from the fugu fish (perhaps a bit tricky, but if you pay attention and know how to move you can do this in your suit). Then reach the morgue, go to the oven’s room and bypass the door on the left with the scrambler. Poison the cells you’ll find there, collect the same cells and then go back where there are the two doctors operating on the body . On the left there is a door that it will open without bypass: go to the stairs, wait that the female surgeon leave that room, then enter and place the poisoned cells. Soders is dead, simply and neat. You can try this even in your suit.

The related challenge is worth 5000 mastery, and if you’re already 18 this will make you advance .
My opinion is that the surgeon disguise is useful, ok, but not really necessary . There is still a way to eliminate Soders without using that specific disguise (i used it once actually).

I know that reaching mastery 20 in hokkaido is a bit of pain, but you can gain addotional mastery with some of the ninja’s related challenges, you just need to find a Simple contract for it.

You can lure an operation room surgeon to the morgue without using disguises or losing SA. You will have to lure the guy by staying in his line of sight long enough for him to go investigate but not enough to become suspicious.

You will need to:

  1. Get to the morgue (operating table with two doctors).
  2. Go to the side room with the stairs leading to the main operation room (you can see Soders from this room and suck the stem cells out).
  3. Knock out the female surgeon that looks after stem cells.
  4. Go to the mini-room window and stay enough in male surgeon line of sight.
  5. He will go to investigate and from the you’ll be able to lure him further or knock him out.
  6. The disguise is yours.

P.S. The change is still strange and kinda stupid.


My guess is that he, after turning Portman into a perfect Helmut Kruger, got promoted to a doctor.


well, it’s stupid considering the in-game dialogue.

The doctor that leads you to that room says "your surgeon is in there"
Not only that, he still says and acts the same, being very proud and emotional of what he accomplished in the surgery.


You could just disguise yourself as Nails (the pilot who goes into the room under the helipad). Wait for the head surgeon to come out, lead him to the drug room unferneath the helipad and then become the Head Surgeon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, it’s weird that it’s been changed this late, but it isn’t too hard to get one. Just move to a different spot in the hospital and try to lure one from there. The stem cell room others have mentioned is a good place.

A–a--a fellow Canadian?! :o


I could, and I did, but that still prevented me from getting (Not) Human Error until I had mastered the entire mission.

With all due respect to Serious_Pony, any method that depends on exploiting the limitations of the game’s AI fees less like a solution and more like a cheat.

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I disagree. It’s no different than luring an NPC with a coin. People in HITMAN inspect things. It’s what they do. If they hear a noise, they check it out. If they see a figure staring at them and then quickly duck away, they investigate.

That being said, I also agree that it’s an odd change.


You can also use other disguises to infiltrate the operation room and use emetic syringe to lure the male surgeon to the toilet, knock him out and take his disguise.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the only other disguise that gives access to the operation room is the Chief Surgeon, and mugging the Chief Surgeon for his clothes would prevent you from doing the (Not) Human Error challenge.

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You’re correct.

Using Bodyguard disguise or Doctor disguise you can still enter (via the Soders operating table) the operation room just to inject the guy (you’ll have to be subtle, though) and exit the restricted area.

Otherwise, you can create an explosive distraction that will cause everyone civilian to escape the operation room for the period of time that will be enough for you to upload the files to Chief Surgeon’s computer.

All of these methods are still not as good and 47-ish as Portman Opportunity. Wish they wouldn’t have changed that.

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This change is so stupid and untenable that it has to be an oversight on IO’s end. What is the point of the opportunity now that all you get is a doctor disguise? There are faster and numerous ways to get one. Plus, if you want to do the (Not) Malpractice challenge SA you have to start as a surgeon, which is lame. It wouldn’t be so bad if there was another actual way to get a surgeon disguise without having to exploit the games terrible AI. I hope IOI change it back.

You say Exploit … I say ‘toss a coin, drop Napoleon, call the ICA phone, cause an explosion, shoot a gun, etc…’

Distracting is Distracting. That’s the “World of Assassination.”

If you’re looking to exploit, talk to @Kaboom.

That being said, I agree that the change is unnecessary. If you’re not well-versed in the game’s mechanics, attempting this challenge will be far harder because of this arbitrary change.


Using coins to constantly distract AI…I know what you mean. Its like everyone using the fire extinguisher to get an easy SA kill. Sure, you can do it, but its cheap as hell :stuck_out_tongue: As for the surgeon outfit, I agree, this is some bullshit.