Suspected NEW carry-over issue

I think I might have discovered a NEW carry-over issue. I have searched the forum and paid attention to the Discord:

The short problem description is: Once you have reached “REVIEW PROGRESS”, progress stops updating in line with H2.

The long problem description is:

  • I was profile level 254 in H2.
  • Late on the 20th, I think, I tried to carryover but stopped at step 3 on the web page - “REVIEW PROGRESS” because I saw a lot of people having problems.
  • I decided to play on with H2.
  • I reached profile level 267.
  • I waited around 12 hours.
  • I initiate carryover again in a new browser (no cookies etc), but when I reach “REVIEW PROGRESS”, my progress hasn’t updated.

Try going into the options page, go to the IOI account section and hitting Refresh.

After few tries and errors I’ve finaly got carryover from H2 to H3. I got my 804 level, all Masteries, items etc. But what I’ve noticed that ALL escalations are now reset - I need to do them again, even if the unlocks for these “Tiers” are item’s what I got already in equipment. So there is also a question if I unlock these items once again - It will duplicate it?

Second thing what I’ve noticed that I got ALL Mission Stories cleared for all levels. Also some of Feats challenges is also missing, even I had everything cleared in H2 (+Legacy).

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They’ve officially stated that escalation progress isn’t transferred, just the unlocks. I’m not happy about that to be honest.

Can we keep this thread about the particular issue? Otherwise it will be lost.

Thanks - I assume you mean in H2 - I just did that. It still shows my account name there before and after pressing refresh.

The account name shouldn’t change, but hitting the refresh should update your account progress on the IOI servers. At least I think that’s how it works. It could be delayed due to the servers being so busy.

I assume it’s because Escalations are actu3tied to your save game? And I assume the IOI account link was probably the most straightforward way to transfer progress. Perhaps save data is incompatible between the games. Or perhaps there’s legal issues involved that prevent this option.

Thanks, I’ll refresh a few times and give it a try in a day or two. If it’s still happening I’ll report back.

This is still happening, unfortunately, despite restarting H2 and allowing it to resync multiple times. I think once you have moved part of the way through the carry-over process, it snapshots/caches your progress, and won’t relearn it even if you haven’t completed the carry over.

Can anyone tell me the correct way to raise this to their support team, as I haven’t seen anyone else mention this problem and I want to be sure they’re aware of it?

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I think you’re correct. I couldn’t transfer my progress the day of release due to technical problems, spent hours playing Hitman 2, then transferred over my progress this morning and all the stuff I unlocked is missing.

Yeah that’s exactly it. The only difference is that I haven’t pulled the trigger on the carry-over as I don’t want to do it until I know this is fixed.

Sorry to hear it caught you out.

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I’m having the same issue, progress on the carry-over screen isn’t updating with my current profile level/mastery ranks. Really hope someone from IO can address this and advise us on how to proceed.

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I’m starting to suspect that the database that contains all H2 progress was one-time snapshotted at H3’s launch, meaning we’ll never see new progress. However if that’s the case it would be great to hear from IOI so that we know there’s no point waiting.


I have exactly the same problem.
Started the carry-over but aborted at the review step.
Continued to play Hitman 2 and retried the carry-over. The progress was not updated.

Sorry to hear it. Hopefully IOI will take notice soon.

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Hey guys, I’ve found a fix!!

You can just delete your IOI account and then create another IOI account with the same username/email address, then link your H2 and H3 accounts again, and when you go to carry-over page your H2 progress will be up to date. I don’t think there’s any downside to deleting your IOI account temporarily either, as there is no save data linked to it (at least on PC).

I can confirm that my latest H2 progress is now transferred over to H3 as well as all the achievements and expected unlocks.

PS: Once you link your steam profile and H2 account to your ‘new’ IO account, it may take a couple minutes for the carry-over page to recognize your steam account, but don’t panic! It will find it eventually.


You’re saying that with deleting IOI Account one can transfer the progression repeatedly?

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I can confirm that PimpButters solution is working. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I did use a different email address though, but it worked perfectly.
As has been mentioned, you have to wait a few minutes until the carry-over website recognizes the new account.

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You cannot do this. You can only Carryover once. IOI warned about this:

But yes… nothing stops you from just making a new IOI account to contain new progress… :smirk: