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I remember playing the holy and well known blood money a long time ago and one of the coolest things to it was blending in. I love the two new hitman games they are great but they seem to be far to lenient with blending in. I mean it’s almost not even possible to raise suspicion if you have the right disguise. You can practically run everywhere and no one cares you can crouch everywhere and no one cares, you get the picture. Now don’t get me wrong I love these games a lot but the lack of blending in and the way the game doesn’t penalize me at all for not doing it takes away from the feel of trying to assassinate a target and leave as little impression that you were there as possible. I would like a suspicion meter that would rise and fall to let the player know how suspicious they were acting and whether or not they needed to start acting more natural to lower it.

I mean if a murder of a high status official happens then wouldn’t the guard running around with a silenced pistol that no other guard has be part of the investigation.

I mean it could be 100 percent optional

First of all, crouching does cause NPC’s to react. They will look at you strange and stop in their tracks to berate you for being childish or something. You won’t lose SA rating, but it doesn’t mean others aren’t suspicious.

Secondly, there is a suspicion meter… try equipping an illegal item in civilian disguise with others present. You’ll notice they won’t spot you immediately, and if you put the illegal item away before the meter builds completely, you won’t lose SA. Just because the meter doesn’t take into account crouching or running doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Thirdly, it actually was suspicious to use Silverballer and other custom weapons on Pro difficulty of Hitman 2016. Whether that feature should return to Hitman 2018 is debatable.

Finally, please do not say Blood Money is immersive. It literally is just as goofy as the two newest games, just in different ways. Take this run, for instance. 47 is shot for trespassing by guards as he charges into the house, kills the target and the target’s wife (a nontarget) in an “accident” by throwing coins at a glass ceiling, and then he leaves still being shot at by guards. Retains Silent Assassin. Tell me, what part of that run was realistic, or “blending in”?

Honestly, people who think Blood Money is realistic and immersive haven’t seen the crazy shit you can do in that game.



That’s an interesting analysis of previous suspicion system :+1:

I understand what you mean and what’s missing on these new HITMAN games, but i think it would be way too much complicated for them to implement something similar on that new-gen games, plus it wouldn’t really fit the new gameplay system who has a very different approach about disguises.

That being said, adding more suspicion parameters would definitely improve the games and add a new challenge to blend in. But it’s more likely to never happen on that trilogy.

Hitman 6 sucks in many aspects but this didn’t bother me at all. The suspicion bar was nothing but a mere prototype of the gradually growing detection indicator that appeared in the stealth genre since its first notable appearance in 2010’s Splinter Cell Conviction.

You’re likely talking about the more hostile AI in older Hitman games, rather than the HUD itself.

I get that suspicion may seem better to some in BM but also remember in BM if you got a disguise you essentially became that person, people didn’t see through it. So as long as you had the right disguise BM was a cake walk.

Then Absolution happened and we got enforcers, but everyone with the same outfit as you was an enforcers, so all cops knew all other cops. Most people agree that system was wack. However, we also got suspicion bar in Absolution and clearly signposted “illegal” actions.

Then Hitman 2016, a perfect mix of the two. Disguises aren’t a master key, you have free reign except a few specific enforcers. Suspicion is clearer than Absolution and as a bonus you can use it as a lure where a person is suspicious enough to investigate but not enough to raise the alarm, which is a brilliant mechanic.

I realise this has been more about disguises, but I think the two systems need to compliment each other. BM’s overpowered disguise system needed a different suspicion system where things like crouching made you suspicious. However, H2016 has balanced disguises to a point where you get enough suspicion in it without a need for more confusing suspicion mechanics.

Hitman 2016? Feels more confusing to call it 6 :sweat_smile: had to try to count out the games in my head (we not counting Sniper or GO? :wink:)


It’s so absurd. BM was my first Hitman game I had played at the time of its release. It was fantastic, a lot of fun, an interesting take on stealth, etc. I love it dearly… But people act like it was the second coming & was some perfectly divine game gifted to us by god herself.

This person really thinks BM’s disguise system was all that different to the new ones? If you have the right disguise in BM, you often had free reign go explore the level too. :roll_eyes:

At least in the new games, you usually still have enforcers to throw some wrenches into the mix.

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One thing I’ll agree with is that being seen sneaking should definitely be penalized, just like it was in Blood Money. Otherwise you end up with situations where the “stealthy” option is to hide from an enforcer by crouching behind a crate in plain sight of everyone else. I’m sure it’s not as bad as Absolution, where you basically HAD to do that a lot of the time, but still, I don’t think it should be a viable approach in the first place.

Also, running was never a suspicious action in Blood Money - that was a feature in SA and (to a lesser extent) Contracts which they’ve later removed completely. If you ask me, it was a good choice, because as much as it added tension, it was also really annoying when you’re replaying a mission for the 10th time and have to slowly walk around everwhere.


In a sense it is, people will stop and stare at you until you stop, so you can’t do anything illegal. Though this is easily counteracted by standing and waiting for them to leave.

I wouldn’t mind a mechanic where they do the same and question why you are doing it and you see the suspicion meter very slowly build so you are forced to stop. If I saw a guy crouching and ignoring my inquiries about what he’s doing, I might get a lil suspicious


Well, in Blood Money (IIRC) if someone sees you crouching for too long they become a witness. As far as I know, the new games don’t use the “witnesses” mechanic, which I think is a shame, but the idea you proposed would definitely work within the current system.


Yeah not completely revamping the new system, but adding few features like NPCs being suspicious if we crouch/take cover for too much time, or enforcers being suspicious if we have an original weapon *equipped (not Silverballer but more exotic guns like Striker or the Kalmer for example) :+1:

Why would an enforcer be more suspicious if we have a Striker holstered. Or you probably mean if we have it equipped? Because holstered items are not visible.
If you mean that the Striker and Kalmer should be suspicious to have equipped then items like syringes, poison bottles etc. (“suspicious items”) should also cause more suspicion when equipped. Which basically would be very similar to H2016 Pro mode.

I don’t like the idea of making more items being the cause of suspicion, sniper rifles being suspicious is enough.


was running really not suspicious. You could be right and my memory is deceiving me well my thread is already posted so mistakes have been made.

thanks for all the feedback guys. It’s to good to know people have well thought out opinions on this. One thing I can say I agree with is to maybe not bring back the suspicion meter as it was to add some kind of option to just make crouching running and holding weird weapons and sneaking around suspicious and somehow incorporate it into the new mechanic. like I said it should always be optional that is key because I could see an added setting like this putting off some people from playing.


Yes equipped sorry, edited :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you could run all you want in Blood Money. It’s weird, because in some levels like A New Life on Pro difficulty, the guards would slowly get suspicious and follow you around if you lingered around them, but all you had to do to shake them off was to simply run away.

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I think the way disguises worked in the original Codename 47 and most of Blood Money (besides levels like the one I mentioned) was just fine - i.e. you can walk or run around freely as long as you’re not tresspassing or doing something overtly suspicious. For me, Hitman is more of a puzzle game than an action game, so I don’t think the player should be punished because they accidentally walked too close to a guard - yeah, you could argue Blood Money was too easy at times, but there are plenty of other ways to make the game more challenging. Maybe I’ll change my mind when we get to a point in AI technology where this kind of interaction can be simulated more realistically.

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I don’t think ruining around should be suspicious at all. And this is comign from a guy who likes to walk around because it feels more immersive. The maps are huge and players shouldn’t be punished for running. Not to mentioned that it would suddenly make several contracts with a time limit unplayable.

Beside if a guard sees someone running around in a public area in Sapienza, Miami or Whittelton Creek there first thought would probably be “That guy is in a real hurry. Probably tries to catch the bus.” and not “That’s guy is in a real hurry. Must be an assassin trying to infiltrated our base and kill my boss.”

Even in restricted areas it wouldn’t be that odd that see a staff member running around because he’s in a hurry. I sometimes have to run after customer who’ve forgotten something at our desk. Maybe I should be lucky that my workplace doesn’t have any armed security guards, who would try to arrest me for running. :sweat_smile:

That said, if an Enforcer sees you running the suspicious bar should grow a lot quicker. That guy already wonders why he doesn’t recognize you and by running away you’re basically confirming his suspicions. I’m also not opposed to NPC turning around when they’re hearing footsteps. But I don’t want all NPCs to be fixated soley on 47 and stare into his soul like they did in the older games.


Doesn’t this already exist in-game? I often walk past enforcers for this exact reason.

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what are you getting at? that post is about the sound of footsteps not suspicion

this is a fair point people shouldnt’ be penalized in such a big map which is it being optional would be vital if it were incorporated.

It’s true that seeing someone running wouldn’t immediately make someone think that they are trying to kill your boss. but at the same time you can crouch and draw attention to yourself and after the assassination people might remember the guy running around.

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