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might submit one for the first time in months

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Congratulations mate, and thanks for informing us in advance with detailed rules. We have enough time for preparation and planning for the submission.


Thought I’d start this off with a off comic series about 5 people will know: Ranfren.

Contract ID: 3-02-8766950-17
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Wigglyweevil211
Contract Title: Birth life death Rat infinity

Brief Description: In LUCID 19 Randel and his friends are tasked with the elimination of 3 main Rats, however one of them (Robert is his name iirc) ends up stabbing Sebastian (A cat person, werid i know) so I thought I’d put that reference in the contract. Enjoy everyone
Location: Paris, The Showstopper
Contract Details:

Featured Contract Image suggestion: Oh and Khakiasp! If you want to make a fancy ass image of Randal then heres some images for a base

(I’d do it black and white personally)


NAME:The Island Of The Hazards
Location:Ambrose Island
Plataform:epic pc game
Submitter name: Version Omega


the history is about the best friend of hsu wating revenge for killing his best friend and he is going to use the ICA to complete that revenge

the contract is a bit puzle but it revolves around kiilling the targets via accidents it doesnt have complications so that u can be as creative as you want whit the accidents and is also because is also a contract like a speedrun one so thats also why the complications of accident and not some conccrete type of accident

The thumnail as I m think it would be like if u can add like gun to have some smoke and to be point until it would be relly cool and if u can like add 1 more guard pointing a gun at 47 and pls add like 2 bodies of guards on the floor of the bridge woden planks it would be relly neat and would be very gratful if u khakiasp add those characteristics like but if i dint make my self clear i leave here a image as example

gregrorio he takes his job more seriusly then the soldiers so he likes to patrol around the colonial ruins

Erasmo he is a milita soldier that likes to chill out his on the level 4 of the colonial ruins around the table whit the water botle that orson drinks from

oscar hes a soldier charge to patrol betewen the ruins and the bridge take that to your advantage

Long is the soldier in charge of protecing Mr Hsu but he ended up killing him he is around Mr Hsu cage

and last for not least the leader of the militia Orson

Orson rooms around almost the enitre ruins and asking soldiers on his status

![Hitman 3 Screenshot 2023.06.10 -|690x388]


1-26-4640445-27 – Epic
2-26-9997596-00 – Playstation
Submitter name:Quartz Tan
Contract Title:Asymmetrical Black And White
Briefing:some NPCs in this comic world just break the balance of this world with their black and white clothes.would you paint their clothes to red to save this world,47?
Brief Description:This contract is a black and white theme,I think it will fit the comic theme,have fun.
Location:Haven Island
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details:


PLATAFORM:Epic games Pc
Submitter name: Version Omega
The thumnail like the kukri machete but in fire and 47 holding it like in the frist picture

the contract revolves around carrying the kuri machete and sneaking so the npc doesnt spot u carrying the machete the contract can be 100 complete via not bringing the kuri machete from your loadout so the players that doesnt unlocked the machete can play this contract and still have silent assasin

47 must take care of take care of people in ambrose that makes the most prolems and mayhem
the contract

Targets info

  • Gara he is a person who enjoys fishing and watching the sea so hes in the westren beach to do fish and watching the sea

  • Sadashiv Kokhli is a guard that patrols arround the houses near the ocean and near the pirate base but he doesnt patrol alone he does it whit his buddy called Milan Mukherjee

  • Ajimat Kusumo he likes to be near the sea so he walks near the sea

  • Jayshree Natt she s is chilling around smoking the house from that dude that stole the cigar box

quiang jia hes

hes an engineer working at the workshop and hes is trying to repair the boat


I managed to find one of my old contracts that somewhat fits the theme, since it deals with superhero fandom.

Contract ID: 1-15-1761164-63

Platform: PC (Steam)

Submitter name: Melusca

Contract Title: Iconoclasm

Briefing: Fans of the famous superhero “The Icon” are in uproar. They have identified two men in Sapienza who are known to hoard rare Icon figurines to artificially raise prices and make them harder to get. The fans want those men gone. They have provided us with a very rare figurine fitted with explosives to do so.

Two targets, only one explosive figurine. This will be hard. You’re the only one who can do this, 47.

Brief Description: Kill two guards with the same Iconator explosive, no pacifications. Since those guys don’t really move by themselves, you’ll need to be creative to get them to be together. They’re both in the town hall tower, one in Bravuomo’s office and one in the security room.

Location: Sapienza (The Author)

Featured Contract Image suggestion: I’m not very good at these so that’s the best I could manage. Adding a few more Iconators without the glowing eyes in the corner would probably liven it up.


Contract: The Scarlet Origin Story

Location: Miami

Number of Targets: 4

Submitter Name: McSuplex8790

Platform: Xbox

Contract ID: 3-11-6774929-32

Contract Briefing:

They say every hero has an origin. Well so does every villain. Today, The Scarlet Shadow gets his. Each target is a former colleague who’s testimony against The Shadow protected the gold smuggling operation of Hector Delgado. It appears as if a deal between Hector and an unknown business partner is going down in Miami. The Shadow has decided that these scheming cowards must pay, in a comic-worthy manner of kaBOOMS and SPLATs. Take them out, and help etch the name of The Scarlet Shadow in history, forever.

The Targets:

Reina Brownlow-The Nervous Pilot (Kill Using: Any/Any)

Ewart Richardson-The Emotionless Lookout (Kill Using: Fall, Any Disguise)

Felix Riego-The Crooked Cop (Kill Using: Accident Explosion, Any Disguise)

Hector Delgado-The Golden Smuggler (Kill Using: Any Method, Suit)

Image Suggestion: The image I chose for this contains one of the targets in a perfectly spread out SPLAT! position, with the comic word itself. This image is highly edited to make it look as comic-y as possible. Because of his name, I wanted the filter to be a reddish-color with the killer himself appearing as little as possible in order to make him seem stalkerish.

Brief Description: With this contract, my goal was to create a Comic Book style villain (villain because heroes don’t kill people) that could potentially have multiple stories written about him. The name for the villain is based on the suit that I wore when making the contract. In order to make it more of a comic book style, I decided to use complications that add a sort of comedy such as a fall kill for the SPLAT, and an explosion kill for the KABOOM. It has 4 targets, that I feel are evenly spaced out across the map, including 2 stationary targets and 2 targets that roam in a small area.


Contract ID:1-09-8327870-51
Platform: Epic Games
Submitter name: ChannelJoined
Contract Title: Preventative Measures
Good Morning 47,

We have been informed a group of heroes known as The Integrity Union has joined forces with a militia in Colorado in an attempt to take down the ICA. You have been cleared to infiltrate and take them out. Your targets are Warren Sharp AKA Bladeworks, Clinton Webster AKA Orb Weaver, Milton Geiger AKA Private Plutonium, Vince Derringer AKA Brass Baron, and Dwayne Clark AKA Fist of Fresno. The fate of the agency may be in your hands.

Good luck 47.
I will leave you to prepare.
Brief Description: I had basically looked through the lists of NPCs in maps and asked the question of “which names sound like superhero secret identities?” In doing so I found that Vince Derringer sounds like someone who uses a bunch of guns, Dwayne Clark has the classic DC method of naming characters with 2 first names. Clinton Webster sounds like something to do with webs/spiders, Warren Sharp sounds like someone who uses a lot of blades, and Milton Geiger shares a name with the Geiger Counter, which is used to measure radiation in an area so he probably has something to do with radiation. In finding them on Colorado, I came up with the idea of them having joined the militia to take down Providence and the ICA.
Location: Colorado
Featured Contract Image suggestion: I have way too many options. I know I would want to put 47 in some outfit similar to the Temper Suit because it is my favorite suit, so all pictures have him in that suit. From I would probably give him something to obscure his face more than the sunglasses would but other than that he’s pretty good. If one of the pictures with a target it used, putting the target in a costume fitting the superhero name I came up with for them would be appreciated. I don’t have a good idea for these superhero outfits at the moment.

Contract Details:

Dwayne Clark. Fist Of Fresno. Hailing from California, this former professional boxer started his heroic journey getting into vigilante work. No powers, just pure unadulterad fist-fighting skill

Warren Sharp. Bladeworks. Part of some underground experimentation up in Northern Ontario, Sharp is the recipient of implants that allow him to shift his arms and legs into metal sword-like blades.

Clinton Webster. Orb Weaver. Your average college student until a trip to a lab in the middle of nowhere led to him getting bitten by some sort of weird cosmic spider.

Milton Geiger. Private Plutonium. Worked on teams meant for cleaning up the radioactive waste from the meltdowns of a power plant. While all the other members were irradiated in a way that resulted in their inevitable demises, he somehow gained a slight control over the ambient radiation in the surroundings.

Vince Derringer. Brass Baron. Similarly to Clark, Derringer has no superpower, instead having trained with guns since he was a young child, attaining such a skill with firearms that he can do things such as curving the bullets around walls.


Contract ID: 1-06-2147587-10
Platform: PC, EGS
Submitter Name: bgyorok
Contract Title: Liquidators & Multiverses
Good Morning, Agent 84. Diane Blackwood here. You have been tasked with eliminating 4 other agents who are trying to disrupt the peace across the multiverse. Agent 47 is gone, so you’re the only option we have left for this job. Your targets are:

  • Agent 33
  • Agent 198
  • Agent 04
  • Usaid Hai (he wasn’t given a codename unfortunately)

Their target is the consulate. Good luck, 84.

Brief Description:
4 targets, no required disguises, two of them have an accident kill condition, no complications. This contract is great for casual players and speedrunners. All targets have a great kill method, but they also have swifter elimination methods (the accident kill condition can be understood differently whether you are playing casually or speedrunning it). All targets help in some way with eliminating other targets by granting you something useful (it might be a disguise or an object nearby). There are also many routes that you can take.

Location: Marrakesh, A Gilded Cage
Featured Contract Image Suggestion/references:

  • 2 or more 47s in a standoff
  • 47 in the middle of the frame surrounded by other “47s” (similar to the Across the Spiderverse poster)

Contract Details:

  • Hilda Berg is seen on the rooftop by the Café. She roams around the rooftop.
  • Baaqir Ismael goes between selling spices and calling somebody at a phone booth. These two activities are on opposite ends of the main market.
  • Orvar Liljeström goes between the small building in front of the consulate on the left and the entrance.
  • Usaid Hai is in the parking garage of the consulate. He goes alone between the two “active” halves.

NAME:The Comic School
PLATAFORM:Epic games Pc
Submitter name: Version Omega

the contract is a bit hard to describe it because is a puzle contract and maybe if im tell you much about it im ruin the puzle aspect but the mistery is about on how you are going to kill some targets that are out in the public whit a suit that is horrible for being out in the public
good luck
for this one i would like to see like 47 poiting his gun at the air while but put it like in way that can also be visable the drawing or contracts he has the drawing or comics like in the background but behind me

the history revolves around the students of the shol want revenge against the people that helped destroying it and the responsabel of the incerineinting of all of his comics so how they cant fight the military they hire a person that can do it you 47 the destiny of the school is on your hands good luck agent


i aded the complication because killing the trio whit out it would make it so so SO easy that its unreal so that why i aded the complication


the trio is a group of guys that are whit reza and not against him and they suport zeydan via puting poster favor in rayzan cause and the members of this trio are

Khaeel Rani Nahas hes one of the membres of the trio he seems to be the most paroinid because of the glasess those glases can block complity the sand so if any proster throw at Rani sand for ovius reasons he will be protected

kzuzaiman afeef saliba hes a another member of the trio him looks the one that wants to be a super hero or something like that idk but the only super power this dude is gona get is a heat stroke because look at that outfit jeez benie things that are warm as hell a mask where it can be super anyoing to wear while in heat and sweting a lumberjack t shirt and inside a sweter like this guy is more biological amazing then 47 because how the hell his not having heat strokes like evry 5 min amazes me

Irshihad Ismail like why the hell you wear something a mask in the filters on like why yea the city is near the desert and it makes sense that you bring it during the travel but why here here in the city where the sand cant pass ya may ask he does it because he is dumb(probaly)but no he does it because he doesnt want the people to know his screat idententy because he is the leader of the trio in fact he is bad guy a pearson who has been loyal to claus and reza until the very end why dont talk reza and claus because he changes his mask evry time that he goes to marekech so the people doesnt know who that person is and leting him to continue whit his evil plans

Anwar ally he was before a school cook but in realyty he is a posinier he inded poison the school food sothe stundests doesnt come to class and leting reza to take over the school whit no prolem

claus hugo stramberg he is a charasmatic pshicophat that steal the people of mareckech a ton of money


Contract ID: 3-12-6007360-17
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: Wigglyweevil211
Contract Title: A Big Bang bethink

Brief Description: Based off the Colombia Comics series: Big Shot, you need to travel to Santa Fortuna and react the comics crusades to celebrate the birth of a wonderful comic book series. You can use the Default, Mansion, Coca fields and Hostel starting locations for a good route, enjoy.
Location: Santa Fortuna, A Three-headed Serpent
Featured Contract Image suggestion:
Obviously do your magical art style and replace Big Shot with Big Bang (because of the rules)
Contract Details:


Contract ID: 3-07-3093012-43
Platform: Xbox
Submitter name: v1deost
Contract Title: Her sister’s a liar!
Briefing: Those were the last words uttered by this duo’s latest victim before he perished. Serve some justice to these murderers and cheaters. You are the night.
Brief Description: Eliminate these two targets without being spotted or recorded. I had intended to remove the other complications but forgot unfortunately, so you can ignore those. The point is, you’re Batman and you’ll rid the world of these two, then disappear like a shadow into the night unseen. You can go loud or quiet. There isn’t just one way. They are also located in the shisha cafe.
Location: Marrakesh, A House Built On Sand

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details:


Comicbook Store :boom: :books: :boom: :books: :boom: :books: :boom: :books:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: Xbox (ideally use that ID)
Submitter name: linux_penguin



Brief Description: This contract looks into the second half of the brief, describing the ownership of comics rather than the stories within. The contract is centered around the house - as the briefing suggests, the player could complete the contract from there. However, you can’t smuggle a sniper to the house, so a player may feel inclined to confront each target individually. The any method allows for multiple approaches, as with a sniping route some targets may be better eliminated in an accident. Soto may seem to be the easiest, but eventually the patrolling guards pass him so some players may benefit from leaving him until last.
Location: Colorado

Image Suggestion

This image has reference to the briefing with the books, and the soldiers are too busy drooling and as a result they don’t see the hacker throwing away a gun

Contract Details

Brandon Davis is one of the soldiers doing the training exercise.

Ernest Ward is leaning on a truck in the orchard.

Terry Ehrhart is talking by a gravestone near the house.

Dustin Soto is along the perimeter, just outside of the house’s garden.

:boom: :books: :boom: :books: :boom: :books: :boom: :books:

Contract ID/Title:

Platform: PC - Steam
Submitter name: linux_penguin



Brief Description: For this one I went with a comic story with the assistance of the extended HCCE character limit. The barber disguise here acts as a control variable, as a no disguise change complication would restrict the contract too much, whereas any disguise would overly promote running in as either type of thug. Both of the bad guys of this tale have an elite thug surrounding them, requiring you to “beat up” some henchmen, along with the gun requirement which has you either doing more vigilante work or assaulting random men, satirising the disruption a hero often brings. Also despite it being loud, there are boxes nearby as well as angles for Ninad which allow you to lure guards away from the body with your shot. Finally, having them so nearby might lead to improv, depending where the shot is fired from.
Location: Mumbai

Image Suggestion

the pow itself, from a few different angles

Contract Details

Nishant Harshal is patrolling the secure hideout, because he’s the big bad guy.

Ninad Vimal has to wait outside, because he’s just the sidekick.


Can you please add a screenshot detailing where both targets are located on the map?


Contract ID: 1-99-7412242-68
Platform: EGS
Submitter name: Dinozafr
Contract Title: Yacht Incident
Briefing: You have two targets, both of them is Ritter’s bodyguards, need eliminate them by Fusil G2
Brief Description: Our client, wants to eliminate two bodyguards. This bodyguars guard Kelvin Ritter the thief, Kelvin Ritter must to remember this incident with his bodyguards. Good luck, 47.
Location: ICA Facility, Freeform Training
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details:

Targets location:


Contract ID: 1-24-7558477-11
Platform: Epic
Submitter name:OhS_hitMan (Or OhShitMan if IOI are ok with it)
Contract Title: Stop Printing Lies!

Ruby Red has been printing absurd lies about Dino Boscoe, arguably the best actor in the world. In a recent “exposé” she claimed that the production company for the film adaptation of comic book The Icon staged the fatal accident that ended Boscoe’s life and career.
This is obviously absurd and The Icon fans have hired the ICA to stage a fatal accident that will end her life and career.
They want her to know who is behind her untimely demise, so dress appropriately!

Brief Description: Seemingly simple one-target contract, but the complications might make it a bit more tricky. Kinda fun briefing I reckon.
Location: New York
Featured Contract Image suggestion: Maybe Ruby Red’s face with “fake news” in cartoon letters over her head?
Contract Details:


NAME:aiming for comics
PLATAFORM:Epic games Pc
Submitter name: Version Omega
this contract you can play it how wever you want like im do it using a sniper so its posible to make it sniper asssin the mission so you can play it how ever u want is a relly fun contract tbh


the thumnail for this one i would like to be if they sky can be a bit of VERY dark purple it could comind the orange of the tie very welll

target info

brodie clarke is a guard and he did the shreding of the comics be careful because he patrols whit another guard called seth marshall

catherine burns obtain the tols for the shreinding of the comics

jospeh miller she bride leonard for to make some excuse to finishing of the grave last longer so spencer steal the comics

leaonard parsons he was bribe for the making of the grave last longer than it should be

spencer west he was the one who steal all those comics


Contract ID: 3-03-7767363-58
Platform: Xbox One
Submitter name: anuzman1
Contract Title: The Billionaire Vigilante
Briefing: Billionaire with mommy issues by day and gynophobic lady murderer by night, Silvio Caruso fancies himself a vigilante. To stop his delusions, you must become his nemesis the Jester and take down Silvio and his partners in crime. Roberto, aka the Green Golfer, never misses a shot. Germano, aka Eagle Eye, watches from the tower. Filippo, aka Foxfire, creates new equipment in the underground lair. And the butler, aka the Cleaner, always cleans the group’s messes and coddles Silvio. Good luck, 47.
Brief Description: You can use any method you want to eliminate the targets and the Street Performer disguise is optional. There are no other restrictions on the contract. Everyone is in the mansion/cave area. The contract is sort of a callback to Batman/the Justice League, but I made sure to not include that in the briefing because of the copyright concerns.
Location: Sapienza (World of Tomorrow)
Featured Contract Image suggestion: I’m not exactly sure, but maybe Silvio’s face overlayed on top of this image of the cave entrance. Or some sort of group image of all of them overlayed on top of the cave image. I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever artistic approach you take.

Contract Details:

Silvio and Roberto are in the garden area of the mansion, Terenzio is in the entrance hall of the mansion, Filippo is the scientist who stands on top of the camera box location in the cave (next to the computer that can destroy the virus), and Germano is the guard who stays in the tower near the mansion’s front gate.


Just added it! Sorry about that