Switchers' Comicbook Store - Curated Contracts - Submissions Thread

Contract ID: 3-06-8825508-09

Platform: Xbox

Submitter name: Fe2O3 T

Contract Title: Switcher’s ComicBook Store Misfortune 47

Briefing: Good Afternoon 47. Our target is Zaki Diab. He is a conman disguised as a Fortune Teller. Our client wants his fortune to be misfortunate. I’ll leave you to prepare.

Brief Description: Melee Zaki Diab as the Fortune Teller

Location: Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details: Melee Zaki Diab as the Fortune Teller … You’ll need to figure out a way to get Zaki’s disguise before you can melee him.


Contract ID: 1-04-3751226-40.
Platform: PC (Steam).
Submitter name: Sniff.
Contract Title: Collusion! - A Tale of Two Studios
Location: Sapienza by Dusk (Landslide).


Monumental Pictures and L’Avventura Pictures have recently merged, marking a significant development in the film industry. Monumental has been immersed in Space Conflict II: Insurrection post-production and is now seeking additional ventures.

L’Avventura Pictures, the film division of renowned L’Avventura Comics, has chosen to merge following the underwhelming performance of their recent film, The Icon. Rumors about the dramatic behavior of their former point man, Dino Bosco, on set did not help their declining stock price. Consequently, the merger was finalized at a low cost of 1.1 billion dollars.

Under new management, L’Avventura Comics’ intellectual properties, such as Captain Milkman, The Blink, and Super Shell, will experience a revival, paired with the industry’s top directors. This presented a golden opportunity for L’Avventura. Unfortunately, the original creator, Sheen Galloway, did not envision this outcome. Despite his crucial involvement in the foundation of L’Avventura and its characters, he was gradually pushed aside by the board following a series of misfortunes in the 90s, involving now-infamous character Blunt Force Trauma Guy.

Seeing his beloved characters tainted by the arrogance of Hollywood, Galloway has resorted to a final measure to prevent the films from being produced. He has sent a list of the financiers and the main writer with hopes of halting their progress.

As they say in Space Conflict, agents, may you become one with the air.

Brief Description

SONKO contract with multiple opportunities, it can be played fast or slow. Targets are moderately distributed around the map, but not on each end of the map. Tested the contract with different playstyles.

Contract Details

Michelangelo Tartaruga (found around the town square cafe).

Silvio Gioe (found around the butcher’s store).

Taziano Onio (found in the town square public bathroom).

Featured Contract Image Suggestion:


-----P-Power Man VS Vanisher-----

Platform: Epic Store
CID: 1-12-3115568-96
Submitter name: Druid Forest
Location: Santa Fortuna



Brief Description:


Featured Contract Image suggestion:



Contract ID: 1-33-4120339-68
Platform: EGS
Submitter name: Dinozafr
Contract Title: Test Melee Weapon
Briefing: Your weapon dealer ask you test his melee weapon. Please, made it, but, don't use any Fire Weapon!
Brief Description: You have five targets, eliminate them different melee weapon, also don’t you any fire weapon.
Location: Dartmoor, Garden Show
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details:


Contract ID: 1-22-6546786-17

Platform: Epic Games Store

Submitter name: Dribbleondo

Contract Title: Obscurus

Complications: (Optional): Targets Only.


  • The Karma - Let poetic justice finally catch up to him. Make his death happen in a poetic place.

  • The Couple - Poking their noses into places where they don’t belong, and are determined to find out the truth. Eliminate this problem.

  • The Liar - Someone who knows the truth, but doesn’t care to share it. Make sure he doesn’t speak a word again.

Hits from the past have a habit of turning up again in very unexpected ways. Nobody is Untouchable.

Brief Description:
It took a while to find a good way of re-enacting some of the kills from the Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman comic book series. The Karma represents Tor Halversom (Casanova, Billionaire and Wine connoisseur; killed by being impaled on his own wine collection), The Couple represents Nancy and Peter Burnwood (Diana’s parents that get blown up by 47 by a car bomb), and The Liar represents Alvin Forrestal (a Blue seed exec, and Diana’s first lead as to who killed her parents – shot dead by Diana’s mentor, Savi, moments later as Diana wouldn’t kill him).

Location: Whittleton Creek

Featured Contract Image suggestions:

(I may add more suggestions later)
Good luck to everyone!


Contract Title: Supervillains Evil Lair
Briefing: You’ve discovered a supervillain’s secret lair! In an underground facility beneath a private island, you will find the HQ of the billionaire evil mastermind, Orson Williams. He has left his security behind to play a game of chess at his resort, so this will be our one shot at him! You will also need to infiltrate the facility to eliminate Williams’ mad scientist, Doctor Murphy, as well as his minion, Bob Schwab. Good luck, 47.

Location: Haven
Brief Description: A contract with two any/any targets in the server farm under the villa, one scientist and one guard. The third target is a civilian playing chess by the restaurant. This target eats food which is very easy to poison and I also wanted to avoid this being a pistol snipe contract, so I added the ‘accident’ method to make it a bit more interesting.
Contract Details:

Contract ID: 1-26-8428781-82
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Casetros
Featured Contract Image suggestion:


Congratulations @Switcher! What a privilege! And what a cool theme! Looking forward to your curation!

Contract ID: 2-11-4818774-84
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: Florida Boy Vs The Miami Multiples
Location: Miami

From the South Florida swamp, a hero has emerged. Legend says he was raised by alligators and cut his teeth fist fighting hurricanes. When he’s not day drinking at a theme park, he’s out protecting his country. He’s a pastry chef. He’s a patriot. He is Florida Boy.

In today’s adventure, Florida Boy battles the Miami Multiples. These evil clones have infiltrated the Bayside Center intent on sabotaging the race.

Does Florida Boy have the coconut balls to save one of America’s cherished pastimes?

Target Details:

Brief Description:

A 1930s pulp rendition on the theme with light puzzle elements. Any Kill Method and zero additional complications for max freedom (just the way Florida Boy likes it). The starting point is pretty baked in but the route from there is as treacherous as you’d like.

Image Suggestion(s):

I tried to load the briefing with as much fun imagery as possible without losing the thread. Any comic combination of Florida Man, alligators, hurricanes, the swamp, shameless boozing, American patriotism, the race and the clones could make for a cool piece of art.

Some old covers for inspiration


If this is selected, an additional copy suggestion:

“In the next issue: Florida Boy takes on the Savage Shaman of Santa Fortuna”

In the event time becomes an issue:

Coming Soon: Florida Boy Vs The Berlin Bikers


ID: 2-10-2281439-07
Name: shoot3r-ttm
Platform: PlayStation
Submitter name: JakeFromState
Contract title: Murder, Nokadota Style

Description: This contract involves you subduing Nokadota, Yuki’s personal bodyguard and making your way to the morgue, where you can don the motorcyclist
disguise and scalpel and stealthily make your way back to Yamazaki’s suite and send a message to Yamazaki, all while staying undetected.
Location: Hokkaido, Situs Inversus

Target Info:

Nokadota: Yuki Yamazaki’s personal bodyguard and namesake of this mission who follows Yuki around wherever she goes.

Kamei Kuroki and Kou Tokunaga: Two of Yamazaki’s room guards that stay behind to protect her suite, prime targets for killing

Salvio Parra Rojo: A Yamazaki room guard that indefinitely cycles from looking at the gas lamp and looking at the beautiful Hokkaido mountains. His simple cycle makes him prime for the killing.

Yoshikazu Sasaki: A room guard who forever stares off into the Hokkaido sky, such unawareness of his surroundings make him a prime target.

Contract details:
5 targets, optionally eliminate all with Scalpel (thrown weapon) while optionally disguised as the Motorcyclist
Complications: Required Exit (gondola), No recordings

Submission from @JackFromState


Contract ID: 1-24-5160798-19
Platform: epic
Submitter name: Younes_92
Contract Title: comic knockout

Location: new york
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract targets :

complication : only one exit ( 2nd floor exit that requires savales key card)

target location :
one on the vault floor
three on the fired banker floor
last one on savales office


Can you please send the targets locations and tell us what the required exit is?

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i made some editings on the contract you can check



Sita Morris can be found in front of the TV in the break room

Ronald Orona is one of the guards under the giant clock

Sebastian Mattson cleans the floor on the right side of the first floor near a guard

Jeanna Preston searches her bag in the deposit box area

Jayson Lefler is Athena Savalas’ personal bodyguard



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You can resend it, this is very helpful lol


thank for the effort

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Contract ID: 1-30-6755448-19
Platform: Epic Games Store
Submitter name: Younes _92
Contract Title: chinese maze murder

Brief Description: it’s a puzzle NO KO / SO where the target are slightly dispersed on the map but you need to find out a way so you can speedrun it

cimplications :

Location: chongqing
Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Contract Details:
targets :


I have a very important message to every submitter and every player planning to submit, please take your time to read it.

We got here almost 40 contracts submitted (on hmf alone, I got a couple more on discord I was too lazy to upload here), and tbh, I kinda expected more to be here, but considering that this is not an ordinary IOI batch and how old H3 is I am very pleased.

I planned to choose 8 contracts from the submissions, 1 to be mine, and 1 to be a collab contract between a couple of players that you all will see at release.

I got from HMF 8 contracts I am very interested to place in my batch, submissions still go on till the end of July as I said, just saying that from now on I will start dropping contracts from my considered list, which is as painful as it sounds, I would love to feature more than 10 but I would not ask Khakiasp to draw more than 10 as he is a person with life.

I am also asking you to be available since I might ask some to change a few stuff in their contracts, don’t get too hyped, I am talking about like 2 players, so far I contacted another one to change something but it won’t be done too much, only when I feel like the contract needs that change to work better, don’t anticipate a message, but I’m still asking to be available for that.

Wishing great luck to everyone, and shall the best contracts be selected!


Contract ID: 1-27-1006422-68
Platform: EGS
Submitter name: Dinozafr
Contract Title: Fall In Position
Briefing: Chef all this staffs want to fall some here people in position. Do it, good luck!
Brief Description: Kill five people, but kill them all by fall.
Location: Dubai
Featured Contract Image suggestion:
choose this

or this beetween them

Contract Details:


I thought of making one for the bank, with FW kills, but choosing interesting targets is difficult. Maybe Dubai would be better since you do have more climbing involved. Something about “Arachnid Citizen” (or similar) with lots of climbing and fiberwire kills. The FW is your web, btw. :sweat_smile: Maybe the skydiving suit could be required. Or maybe that’d be too tough. Cause you need a cool costume. :thinking: Right?

Contract ID: 1-27-7254261-21

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Tetrafish_21

Contract Title: The Obsidian Arachnid


As the Obsidian Arachnid you ascend the Worlds tallest building
in search of the former members of R.U.N. (Rolled Up Newspaper). An evil organization responsible for swatting your fellow arachnid associates! Find them and entangle them in your fibrous web of justice!

Location: Dubai

Target Locations

^Suggested pic. Maybe make the target’s eyes bug out…

Brief Description: A contract making you traverse more of the vertical paths in a hostile disguise. Timing, distractions, yellow meter peek-a-boos, dropped weapons, and maybe other stuff can all be used to make it through this (at first) daunting contract. But getting off the bottom floor should be the hardest part.

I used HCCE because it’d say ‘Suit’ and I didn’t want people to just use whatever default suit they came in with. And I didn’t want to bother the player with no disguise changes by having to start on the outside in the Sky Diving Suit and have to go that extra way.


@Switcher Not sure if your underlying message was “Please stop submitting,” but as promised…

Contract ID: 2-29-2194607-84
Platform: Playstation
Submitter name: teddyfilmore
Contract Title: Florida Boy Vs The Berlin Bikers
Location: Berlin

From the South Florida swamp, a hero has emerged. Legend says he was raised by alligators and cut his teeth fist fighting hurricanes. When he’s not day drinking at a theme park, he’s out protecting his country. He’s a pastry chef. He’s a patriot. He is Florida Boy.

In today’s tale, Florida Boy surfs to Deutschland to throttle the Berlin Bikers and their dastardly plan to rain illicit powder down on the good people of the Sunshine State.

Does Florida Boy have the coconuts to grease these punks?

Target Details:

Brief Description

A follow-up to the previous pulp rendition on the theme where the main challenge is navigating hostile territory as Florida Boy. Any Kill Method and zero additional complications for Max Freedom (Florida Boy’s cousin by marriage).

Image Suggestion(s):

As with the previous submission, I tried to load the briefing with as much fun imagery as possible and still make sense. Any combo of Florida Man, the bikers, alligators, hurricanes, the swamp, shameless boozing and American patriotism could make for a cool piece of art.

Even something like Florida Boy uppercutting all 5 targets at once out of a cloud of cocaine could be cool and save some time.


If this is selected, an additional copy suggestion:

"In the next issue: Florida Boy converts the Commie King of Chongqing to the wonders of Capitalism! "