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The last picture is adorable. I laughed a long time🤣


Contract ID: 1-07-2380059-36
Platform: Steam
Submitter name: Tony_Stark (The Mafia On Steam)
Contract Title: Knight of Darkness

Briefing: The citizens of Morocco far too long have been oppressed by Kong Tuo-Kwangs bodyguards… So you, must act as the problem solver.

Equipped with nothing but your trusty broadsword and your reliable cloak, you must go put an end to the troublemakers who seek to keep your fellow shopkeepers under the iron fist rule they so desire to impose.

Brief Description: Obviously inspired by Batman, this contract is a fun play on the title of the “Dark Knight” where I took that literally, and you have 47 using a massive sword to conduct all his kills. Every target is more than possible to be killed without Sieker or any emetic use, and not too infuriating either.

Location: Morocco / Marrakesh / A House Built On Sand
Featured Contract Image suggestions:

Contract Details:


Bump since I updated my previous post.

I believe I’ve got everything. Sorry for the late(r) submission.

Edit: NOW I should have everything required. :sweat_smile:


Since submissions slowed down heavily, I’ll give it 2 more weeks, I close the submissions at July 20th, I’ll post when the batch is officialy close.


Thanks for the update. I’ve worked out what I want for my submission, just need to do the final build.


Contract Title:Merry Chrismas or ‘Trick or Treat’
Platform:PC EGS
Submitter Name:Butterflies
Briefing: One day of the winter,Rocco wake up and very surprising because there is NO snow anywhere even is winter!
Brief Description:Well,looks like the god is ‘Trick’ Rocco,lets make this ‘Trick’ come ture.

Featured Contract suggestion:

Contract Details:


Since this was featured in Munga’s Hitman Summer Holiday FCs, should it be removed from the submission pool, or perhaps just acknowledged and (more or less) ignored (if it messes up the post count numbers for links for the wikipost)?


I know that the contract was chosen by Munga already, dw, I played that batch too, I noticed it as soon as it said the name of the contract and as soon as I saw it was made by Omega, all cool, it won’t be featured in mine.


NAME:n.º121 47 against the evil syndicate
the idea of the contract is to do loud explosive kills but still remain silent assasin

well well well it seems that our hero has received a call for help from the workers of ragnan an evil group of guards known as the syndicate have been enslaving the poor workers and have called upon the great hero 47 to help them take down the evil syndicate.
will the hero be able to give a happy ending to this comic find out right now

sugest image u can chose the one u like the most


Contract ID: 3-26-1264007-69
Platform: Xbox
Submitter Name: Canucklehead X
Location: Haven Island
Contract Title: ICA Severance Package

Urben has left the ICA for a rival organization, HMF. Communications have been infrequent since the beginning of the year, roughly every 3 months with very little for new updates. His last task was to infiltrate Haven and hack their servers, while taking out key personnel who would notice ours modifications. Finish his assignment in a manner befitting of Urben and give him his severance package. This will no doubt cripple this HMF organization. No one betrays the ICA.

Brief Description
As I decide to come up with a fitting conclusion to my 47 vs Urben trilogy (plus holiday special), a tribute to our amazing mod.

I still remember Urben’s video on Sapienza taking out a target with various gas canisters and decided to pay tribute to that with the Explosion Accident condition. Of course, you have to do this disguised as Urben. Killing Urben, on the other hand, is reserved for 47 and the player to use their imagination.

Of course, this contract is primarily for the enjoyment of Urben and the HMF community, as I continue to poke our most excellent mod one last time. Though if selected, I look forward to the creative methods the community will come up with.

Image Suggestion
My usual 47 vs Urben image, though I imagine there would be some creative artwork used in its place of 47 and Urben.



Missing contract info, I can tell where Urben is, but idk about the rest

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Sorry, used to the format Clemens uses.

The other 4 are in the Server Farm underneath the Villa. Targets 4&5 are together, other two are separate but all on the same level. The “server hack” in my briefing is the clue.

According to Hitmaps.com, there are 4 propane flasks for people to be creative with. I only used 2 to minimize creation time.

The Do Not Get Spotted and No Bodies Found is due to the trespass area of the servers, and patrolling guards if people decide to knock out target to setup their explosions. I did seriously think about starting in the chef’s outfit for No disguise changes but decided to let people have fun with the explosions like Urben would.


Contract ID: 1-03-6022480-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Holly sinners

Location: Sapienza


Can you send the targets locations aswell?

The last 4 pictures are the targets. Or do you need a screenshot of the map with targets ?

I was dead sure these were just thumbnail suggestions, such great screenshots


Contract ID: 1-02-8115237-29

Platform: Epic

Submitter name: Fenixsandr

Contract Title: Poltergeist

Location: Paris


George Caise And Eric Herbert start at the main entrance to the library, diverge in opposite directions and walk up the stairs to the auction.


My plan is for George Caise and Eric Herbert to be eliminated before they reach the endpoint. Players very rarely use the laser bomb. I used it to eliminate Eric Herbert . Although it is not necessary.

Featured Contract Image suggestion:



Contract ID: 2-31-4056304-31

Platform: Playstation (PS4 game content created on PS5)

Submitter name: zubin47

Contract Title: The @Switcher’s Switch


Brief Description:
I have been saving this idea for a long time and this is the time when it suits the curator and this batch. This is a puzzle contract which has the following challenges:

  • Using a Propane Flask explosion without a Gun or a Smoking Target

  • Getting the limited Propane Flask in the map or try for double kill - in a routing path

  • There is no bullet distraction, need to use coins or item distraction if possible

  • The most challenging part is the Waiter who is been there for a long time escaping as a target in contract mode

  • Car Battery and Car may be used in a tricky way

Be noted that Perfect Shooter is allowed on Cameras and IOI made a new Exit on this map recently. I was able to test and achieve Silent Assassin under 8 minutes.

The briefing are callouts from the Switcher in a comic book, where he eliminates the first three targets with the Switch and Propane Flask but then this annoying Waiter shows up. The image suggestion is based on the profile picture of Switcher.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Featured Contract Image suggestion:

Original Unedited

Contract Details:
The position of the targets is shown below:

Thank you


Had a very long and tiring day, sorry I forgot to post, submissions end, thanks for submitting everyone.