Switching Plattforms/Transferring Progress

Good evening everyone!
Just for record: I’m new here, but I’m asking anyways:
I bought Hitman GOTY Edition lately for Steam but played on Epicgames all the time before. Now I want to transfer my progress so my whole work isn’t lost because of using the GOTY Edition (I know it’s not lost but I don’t have all the things I got while playing on Epicgames in the GOTY Version, yk?). But I don’t know how! Is there anyone who can help
Me with this?

There is only Steam->Epic progress transfer available (and it’s one-time thing only).
And only from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3.
None other ways exist

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You can’t use progression transfer in Hitman (2016), progression transfer is only possible from Hitman (2018) to 2021.

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I know :smiley: This is the easy way I guess, but it only exists for the mentioned games…
Im currently in contact with everyone involved so maybe we find a solution. I will tell you if theres a way!
Nevertheless: Thanks for replying!