Syringes poison drinks/food BUT

The idea is that syringes should be able to poison drinks/food/etc, basically everything that the vials can poison BUT at same time the action will always be illegal, even if you are dressed as a waiter/cheff/etc.


That would make it no longer possible to do in public.

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i think that would make syrings too powerful and i would be concerned about game balance

The idea is to make them more versatile but not overpowered.

There would still be a lot of ways you couldnt poison due to too much people around. It would help sometimes.

i think it is unnecessary to cram every single feature into an item. the syringes are fine the way they are


I’m not a fan of this compromise. I rather keep it as is.

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I’d love to be able to throw syringes like darts.
Just see the target and bink hits em from a distance.

I’ve had the same idea. And not all drinks are out in the open or surrounded by a group of people (Maya Parvati’s water bottle is just one example). This would definitely increase the utility of the syringe.

Another options that some say should be added to the syringe is using them on unconscious or even seated targets (via poke in the neck). Even lethal melee items could be made to use this way (on KO’ed targets) - but that’s another topic.

Here’s another idea I don’t think has been put forward yet. Reusing syringes. Maybe even equipping an empty syringe when choosing your load-out, and one or more poison vials to use with it (Yes, even the Sedative poison). The mechanic could be similar to the chloroform + cloth (if/when they ever bring that back). So with this one you would have to make sure you’re unseen while ‘loading’ (or even ‘reloading’) the syringe because it would look suspicious… Unless you had a lab-coat or “Doctor” disguise.

But I can see this causing an issue for some players. So maybe make the syringe be 1/2 a slot, and a poison vial be the other 1/2. But if one wants to take a vial alone - would it still be 1/2 a slot? :thinking: Maybe you could add another vial or another tool that can administer said poison in a different way.

Well, there’s also the idea of poison darts… Those are currently sedative (poison). And I’m not sure what I’d think of it, but I wouldn’t complain if they did go ahead and put such a feature into the game. I mean they already have ‘Dial a kill’ with the electric phone.

I gotta be honest, in some ideas im more sure than in others, and in this syringe one was just an idea, not an “im 100% sure this will work” one. even tho what people said, im still not either sure or unsure of it.

however what you said of poking people while sitting or in bodies… THAT should 100% be in game. same as fiberwire while sitting and other animations… all of which were in HBM…

Brainstorming never hurts. I’d hope nobody would mistakenly think these were demands. :sweat_smile:

Yes! And it should be viscous like in Contracts and BM