Tales of Michael S


A wild Smitty appeared!

Awoken in a strange city with no clue as to how he got there. The Tale of Mikael Smitt begins

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Uhhh clearly it’s stated that the gun belongs to “Lowry”.
Explain yourself, Michael Smitt.

The man was a part of numerous heists, you really think he’d shy away from petty theft?

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Important to note the gun is described as “clean”, and that ain’t looking clean to me… Clearly Michael needs to work on his hygiene (or as best someone can in the wild west).

Punished Stinky Smitt denied of his bath.

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Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality…

I dunno @TheContractor wanted to know about this and yea.


I set out a whole lore for my GTA Online character, back in the day… That girl was a bad bitch!

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I always stuck with the lore for Michael, I’m leaving out a lot, but I wanted to keep it within a linear fashion. CCTV footage of Michael in stores is lost, but I can confirm it exists but where it is well I dunno.

For some strange reason, I read the title as Tesla Model S and thought it’s a thread to discuss electric vehicle. :joy:
Well anyway, I am glad to read a thread from a loyal GTA/RDR player!

Sorry, I really need to ask, is the misspell in the title intentional?


Just kidding I haven’t gone back and fixed anything I kinda just put this all together.

Making up a lore for your online character makes the game so much more interesting doesn’t it?

It does, its makes your character your own, but it’s not for everyone since you kinda gotta make your own narrative in some instances.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna keep me up at night writing my backstory for V… Fuck…

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Smitty is a icon within my inner circle of friends.

I’m so sorry Doom…

I just saw this, about to post it in the CP thread.


You know I can work with this. This opens up more game time for me in terms of what’s being released in April.

edit: plus the new Red Dead Online DLC might be released around this time since Outlaw Pass 2 ends in March sooooo Smitty will needs some time

Less important, but they didn’t even spell CD Projekt Red correctly.