Target Diversity — Discussion

Hello everybody, I wanted to talk about possible future targets, or just discuss the different types of “unique” targets we would like to see and how it would / could effect gameplay (for better or worse)

When I say “unique” I mean targets that aren’t what we are normally used to. For example, we had some pretty memorable targets in the past, simply because how they appeared in a way we didn’t see in every contract.

For Example:

  • Alexander Cayne (first target to ever be in a wheelchair)

  • Markus Green (first target to have a prosthetic leg.)

  • The Meat King (by far the fattest target we ever had to date. He couldn’t even move off the bed.)

  • The Angel of Death (the first “Serial Killer” Target we ever had) not to mention she looked like a harmless, sweet little old lady.)

Now, some of these targets may not have changed much in regards to gameplay, but the fact that they weren’t our ‘everyday’ Contracts is what also made them so memorable (imo)

The point of this thread (and what I’d like to discuss) is, what types of “unique” targets would you like to see and why? How would it effect gameplay (if any) or is it just an idea of something different that you would just like to see in a Target?

A few ideas I mentioned were…

My Ideas
  • A midget target (approximately 3’5” in height) even if this didn’t effect anything, I think it would still be a pretty memorable target for most, seeing it would be our first midget. I made a suggestion that maybe this type of target could be a “Sniper Assassin” Target (seeing as I don’t know how or if IO could make it NOT look ridiculous, when 47 would go to Fiber Wire or Subdue / KO them etc…

  • A Blind Target. I think a target that couldn’t see would be very cool. I suggested that maybe in their Bio it is explained that they weren’t always blind. That way (if for example the target was in their home or in a very familiar place, prior to their blindness, it would make sense how they were still capable of getting around.) I also suggested that maybe the target has a “helper” (enforcer) who would accompany them everywhere they went. Maybe even hold on to them as they both walk. Then if you get the “helper” out of the picture, the target would then spawn a cane they would move side to side as they walk. (47 could also get his hands on that cane and use it as a melee. Maybe even have a special kill for the target with it where we could crush their windpipe from behind with it.)

  • A Deaf Target.
    Similar to the one above, only this one couldn’t hear, so you couldn’t “lure” them with say for example; a wrench. I think this could also open up some cool possibilities gameplay wise, as you don’t always need a silenced weapon for this target. And with how IO is so known with their eye for details, it really wouldn’t surprise me if they made this target talk in actual (correct) sign language. Would be really cool. They could still have closed captioning for when the target “speaks” but now the player could also learn a little bit if they didn’t know it already (and they say you can’t learn valuable information from a video game lol)

  • A Transgender Target. First off, I really don’t think anyone would find this offensive (even people who are transgender) they are people just like everybody else and 47 is not one to discriminate. He has killed Many people from many different backgrounds, nationalities, religious beliefs both male and female and so on… So this should not be any different. I just personally think this would be a great addition to add to the targets list and imo it would be unique as it would be the very first transgender target to be in the franchise. Obviously it wouldn’t effect anything gameplay wise, I just think it would be cool to have something a bit different is all.

  • A Mute Target.
    A target that is incapable of speaking is something I find to be cool. They wouldn’t be able to call out for help if 47 gets them alone face-to-face (unless they sound a nearby alarm.) this would probably be the only unique aspect gameplay wise, but again, another “first”

  • Syme-Twins Target. This one could be very interesting in all categories. Gameplay, story, cosmetic etc… Again, don’t know how IO would be able to pull it off, but just an idea I had that would definitely make for a “unique” target. Story wise, I have suggested that one twin is evil and the other is totally innocent and good and is disgusted with their brother/sisters criminal ways… this would be a very slippery slope type of contract for some (as I have seen people suggest in the past that they would like to have a target that isn’t totally… “bad”) but seeing they’re joined together as one,… hey :man_shrugging: Or if that would cause any disputes, IO could make them both equally evil. I just think it would be really neat to see how IO would make them in the game and how it would effect gameplay (for example, Fiber Wiring, snapping neck(s) how they would move around in comparison to other NPC’s etc… either way, just a target like this in itself would be memorable to many simply because it’s a two for one contract lol

So how about all of you, what would you like to see that would be new and unique with the targets? Even if it’s just cosmetic and wouldn’t effect anything gameplay wise, share your ideas, I would love to hear them and discuss it!

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Another one I thought is maybe a target that’s on crutches? Would definitely be something new to see and how the animation of them hoping around with them would be cool. Maybe this could be the introduction of making targets crawl/limp once we shoot them in the leg (or in this case shoot/kick the crutches from underneath them.)

That’s something I’d like to see in the future for all targets as a matter of fact. More realistic moments of NPC’s when you shoot them in the leg or shoulder. Or if you shoot out their kneecaps they crawl across the floor, and hold their shoulder in pain trying to escape.

But anyway, maybe another can be having a target that is totally batshit crazy (think Malcolm Sturrock from Contracts) like he is totally incoherent and is maybe even into cannibalism where we could have the opportunity to actually see some of it play out in the level. Like he’s going into a jar of brains, eyes, etc… something bizarre…

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Now to go back to being on topic…

I really would like more diversity in target mechanics going forwards too.

In Season 2 we had Sierra Knox who is in a car initially, which I thought was really interesting.

I would love to see targets with vehicles expanded.

For example what if we had a bicycle target who doesn’t wear a helmet, and if you shoot the tires while they are biking they have an accident?

I think deaf targets in particular would also be interesting. On one hand they don’t respond to audio lures, but on the other hand they can’t hear gunshots and other loud noises happening in the background. Could make for interesting puzzles.

I’d say we technically have blind targets already, there are some musicians in Sgail with blindfolds for instance you can mark as targets in Contracts mode. The Prisoner in Marrakesh is blind too.

As for a vertically challenged target, what if they were immune to being choked, melee’d, or fiberwired due to being so short? Could add some interesting gameplay there.

Edit: I’d also like armored targets expanded upon.

I really liked the idea of Dino Bosco in Sapienza with his superhero armor. He could be easily killed with melee or explosions though.

What if there was a future target with the properties of the knights of Sgail? A target that cannot be killed with melee or throw kills, pretty durable against explosions too. Maybe such a target would be too hard to kill, but the durability could be toned down if so.


Agreed. I would like to see this again also. We already have Knox as you mentioned, which was cool to see again. The others being the target from Silent Assassin (The Motorcade Interception) and Fabian Fuchs and the Russian commander from Contracts. I would really like to see this implemented in the game once more.

i think a target with a height difference would be cool, but i imagine they arent willing to do that outside of Sniper Assassin. too many animations to redo.

a transgender target would be fine, but what i think we need is a tastefully done target. in the past games, LGBT representation in targets has been awful. the old stereotype of “gay people are incestual/pedophiles” is really not necessary in making Skip Muldoon, Delahunt, and D’Alvade. it would be nice to have an openly LGBT target without their crimes being stereotypes.


Finally, I can kill myself in HITMAN™!
But seriously, I think I would like a mentally ill target. I know, I sound like a psycho, but it would be great to mess with the target until he can’t take it any longer, have him take his own life, make it an accident kill and maybe when his body is found, it could lead to the other target (since missions usually have two targets) changing his routine in some way. Although I think that’s already in a Hitman game, but I can’t remember…

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We do have Sean Rose in Hitman 2016 who has OCD. Triggering the OCD leads to a kill opportunity.

I know, and I love that! He is a good example of what I’d like to see more in Targets. Little details like Rose’s OCD is something I’d like to see in Targets. Something unique about them that makes them stand out from the rest.

And Rose is also a perfect example on how making targets have these little extra details can open up more possibilities for Assassinations to use to our advantage.

But I would like to see more darker things in regards to the targets. I’m just so done with these “self made billionaires” lol an example I gave earlier was a cannibal target, where we could actually witness this during one of the levels. (They tried to heavily imply the Meat King was into that sort of thing, judging from the setting, but nothing was actually ever confirmed.) The target could act “normal” in public, but if you follow them around you see them go inside a room or something where they keep the human parts… just something that makes us as the player go… “Jesus Christ!” :flushed:

But I’m also looking for something that is physically different with the target, that we haven’t seen already. Like my examples; a midget or transgender etc…

I also wouldn’t mind another target that is in a wheelchair (as now we could have physical kill opportunities that we didn’t have for Cayne in BM) for example 47 could push the wheelchair target down a flight of stairs, or roll him off a cliff or into a swimming pool etc…

When I saw the title of this thread, I was worried it was going to be like “We should have more black targets otherwise this game is racist”, but I’m glad it’s not one of those discussions.
My only concern is that adding the ability to kill disabled people is going to make IOI public enemy number 1. Obviously we’ll know it’s an artistic choice and the target ‘deserved’ to die and etc, but all social media is going to show is 47 pushing a guy in a wheelchair down a flight of steps.
But I think a transvestite character would be cool because you could use that weather dynamic mechanic from Haven Island wherein the target changes their appearance to the other gender after a certain amount of time. Perhaps night falls and he dresses as a convincing woman, which makes target identification more difficult. I think a few playthroughs would made them easy to spot, so perhaps an idea for an elusive target?

Wait, when did 47 have to date the Meat King? Is this some fan fiction I don’t know about? :flushed:

I definitely agree that for any category (be it blind, wheelchair, fat, trans, vertically challenged, etc) having it be in good taste will be the main PR challenge.


Idk, I’d have to disagree with that. I mean we already had “disabled” targets in the past and nobody seemed to mind

  • Alexander Cayne (wheelchair)
  • Marcus Green (prosthetic leg)
  • Benjamin Travis (prosthetic hand)
  • Lenny Dexter (obviously had a bad leg)
  • The Meat King (extreme case of obesity)
  • The Beldingfords (more of a mental disability I think. I mean damn… they hunt people for sport!)

I just don’t see how this would be an issue if it were used again. I mean if anything it’s showing that even if someone is disabled, they can still be an evil, greedy, selfish criminal just like everyone else.

And that’s what I think we need. Diversity… disabled targets aside, I must admit I was a little hesitant to mention a transgender target at first, as I thought it might offend some people. But then I thought, why would it? They’re people just like everyone else, no better no worse. 47 has taken out a number of diverse targets - Black, white, fat, skinny, short, tall, male female, disabled or not. So I don’t see why this would be out of the question.

Lmao I meant the fattest target we had so far…

This is how I feel too, but sadly the world has changed since the old games :confused: I doubt you’d be able to get away with Alexander Cayne as a target these days - because Facebook would be flooded with people complaining about the game vilifying disabled people. 47 takes advantage of the fact that he can’t stand, nor move his hand.
Mental health is still doable, but it has to be the absolute extremes for it to be separate from the depression and anxiety that everyday people feel.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin had a Sikh cult whose leader had to be killed because they were involved in cybercrime and trafficking nuclear weapons, but the western media crucifixed IO for depicting the murder of Sikhs. Oddly, they didn’t mind about Muslims in the Afghan, but it was post-9/11, when every single Muslim was thought to be personally responsible for what happened :confused:

TL;DR It shouldn’t matter about their race, religious, gender, etc. 47 doesn’t care, but society does.

What about a target that has dissociative identity disorder?

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Yeah that could work, with each persona acting drastically different to the other and perhaps even dressing differently?

Technically every target counts if we are looking at it that way. Hunting people for sport is just as fucked as hunting people for money.

If they do go this route though they can’t do what they did with Sean Rose and give him so little character that all that defines him is his mental (or physical) disability. Given that was unintentional on IO’s part (especially since Caruso goes before and he is a much better character) but Sean is still “the OCD terrorist” whose OCD only exists solely to set up opportunities.


True, I can see your point. But with Hitmen (killing for money—which is still how you say fucked) at least they have a motive… The Beldingfords on the other hand are hunting people out of pure thrill. Just seems a bit more messed up and demented than a Hitman for hire.

But I can see your point as well. Maybe the Beldingfords weren’t that good of an example, but they stuck out to me in that regard anyway.

Well technically killing people for money or for thrills are both signs of a mental disability (personality disorders, sociopathy, psychopathy).

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Wait, so you’re saying 47 is psychotic? :laughing: how dare you, he is a professional, sir!

No sociopathic most definitely. You can be the suffer of a personality disorder and still be a seemingly functioning person. Look at Mr Stranberg for example or Rico Delgado (a sociopath and a psychopath respectively).