Teach 47 to run for Hitman 3

That half-assed jogging in the first 2 is bullshit.


i think its fine. a lot of routes are designed around his run speed / how fast NPCs notice you


Go outside and run at 47’s pace for 2 minutes, you’ll see it’s a perfect blend of speed and staying sort of inconspicuous


And while they’re at it, they can fix 47’s hands. Far too feminine :wink:

Seriously though, it’s not going to be a full on sprint. His run is perfectly fine and from a gameplay point of view is distinct enough from his walking speed to be usefully classified as a ‘run’


Hitman’ s pretty much about observing and exploiting opportunities, so running would just undermine it’s mechanics. It’s not something like The Last of Us where everyone on a map is going to gun you down at first sight. Like… can you REALLY see 47 mindlessly sprinting in Paris given the lax atmosphere and elegant design?

I have a different idea, make 47 always run.

So instead of holding a button to run you hold the button to walk slowly

I have another idea, make toggle option for running, just like aiming.


And have yet another idea: let 47 be as fast as NPCs so he can get them while they’re running away.
It’s really ridiculous seeing highly trained athlete is way slower than some fatty


Serve a bullet to the knee to even out chances

Impossible in most of the cases.
For example in Paris or Bangkok or Mumbai - in highly crowded areas as you’ll be immidiately spotted

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Surprised nobody has requested that 47 performs parkour yet. It’d be great for speedrunners.

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it would be nice if we had some new parkour moves, but i wouldnt count on it. but if they were to ever implement them, Dubai would be a great place to do it

i hope there are times when you can jump across gaps in ledges in Dubai. it would be riveting to jump across a ledge alongside the tower, with all the clouds below you and everything


At least simple jumping

How much do you use jumping in real life? (Just a thought… I hardly ever jump. But yeah: Would be cool if 47 could to it better)

Doesn’t matter how often I’m jumping, it matters that I can jump.
There are situations where 47 could simply jump on/over something than spending hours for workarounds.
E.g. there are some benches in New York that would help 47 climb on second floor if he could jump on that bench

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I want my 47 to scale walls, climb ladders and jump across and over obstacles. No need for parkour / freerunning, this ain’t Assassin’s Creed
All we need is jumping from balcony to balcony and we’re set.


The maps are designed to be prompt-parkour’d so a dynamic system will surely not come for H3.

The easiest solution is to limit NPC run speed to 47’s run speed.


This. Once they spot you doing something illegal they run like they have rockets up their rump and 47 can’t keep up to them even though he’s achieved peak human performance


Yeah, this is the only way I can see it working. Basically adding onto ledge scaling that’s build into the level, not a whole new mechanic for the character

Plus we already had it in previous games

But it’s not a necessity, my immersion isn’t shattered because I haven’t seen 47 jump. I also haven’t seen him tie shoelaces, but I assume he can :smile:


True but chances are if they’re running you’ve already been spotted. Or something else happened that voids SA.