Technical issue with DLCs

I downloaded the game and all DLCs after i purchased it. after the download is completed, i can’t play the game because it says you should download all the DLCs that i have already downloaded.
I can’t download the game again because it takes 2 days.
help please.

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Welcome to the forum. If I may ask… What platform are you on?

I apologize that i didn’t mention my platform.
I use Steam (PC).

The story is that i purchased the game (Hitman 2016) and directly started downloading it.
It took 2 days of downloading. and then after the download has completed, i launched the game and can’t play the Campaign because it says that the content is not available and it has to be downloaded and installed (i have already downloaded).
Could you please find me a solution? Because i live in Iraq and our internet is weak and i can’t re-download it.

Check your Steam app, go to HITMAN 2 page in Library and find DLC section on the right, slightly scrolling down the page

There click ‘Manage my DLC’

And in the window that pops up check if all your DLC check-marked as Enabled and it says Installed just beside

If some DLCs are not marked and not installed, put a check mark there by clicking on the box

I have done this before. The DLCs are checked in the check-box and it appears on the right (not installed)!
After i check all these boxes, the download starts again😞

im having a very similar problem on my xbox one, it says that i have everything downloaded but when i open the game it shows the “get access” button which brings me to the store. help pls I already own it and dont want to spend more, i have already reinstalled too…

Do you have Hitman 2 on a disc, if so then make sure it’s inserted.

If you have two Hitman 2 apps installed then make sure you’re launching the app that is not the free demo version

yikes, i meant Hitman 1 on the xbox one. and its a digital so everything is installed automaticly

I know you said that everything is download. But have you actually checked Manage Games > HITMAN and checked if the location dlcs (Paris, Sapienza etc.) are listed as installed?

yep, they are all there, i just played it yesterday and everything worked but i loaded it up today and the story missions were all red. i would click and it would bring me to the microsoft store and that even told me it was installed already, so it seems to me the game is having trouble recognizing that its even there to play, sorry about the word vomit lol

Same for me 100%.
Downloaded everything immediately after game purchasing which took 2 days of downloading more than 34 GB data and suddenly it says -inside the game- that i dont have access to story missions and i have to download them from Steam store!
I can only access to training missions and Prologue or something like that but not story and main missions.

I’m afraid i dont have Hitman 2.
I own only Hitman 2016 and Hitman Absolution.