Temple City Ambush - bugged?

I’ve killed the two assassins and head to meet Smith. I’ve taken every long-winded route possible to avoid purple turban man. Yet, every time I leave Smith’s place, purple turban man comes running behind me and shoots Smith in the face, right after I get the message ‘More assassins have been seen in the city’. Obviously, killing Smith results in mission failure.

Am I supposed to shoot the purple turban guy before he kills Smith? Is that even possible?

This is actually normal in this mission. You’re supposed to find the Purple Turban Man and kill him too. Gain his attention first to have him count as a target.

Is the Purple Turban Man a free kill? I seem to remember using the anesthetic on him a lot.

Hm wired i never had the problem with the Purple Turban Man before, sure he’s annoying. But i always stay out of his way, i never killed him in a serious run.

It’s been a while since I played, but generally I don’t recall the Purple Turban guy doing anything unless you set him off… that said I’m pretty sure 90% of the time I deliberately lured him into an out of the way spot so I could kill him and save the worry of looking out for him.

'Cause I hate it when I actually get ambushed at the Temple City Ambush

Unless you kill or knock him out first, the purple turban assassin will always find Agent Smith and kill him after you’ve given him the two photographs of the other assassins. Just get his attention and then lead him into one of the shops and take care of him there.

Ok, I just waited until he showed up to attack Smith, and then killed him with my knife.
Just so that I could put the ambush in Temple City Ambush. :stuck_out_tongue:

This problem with the purple turban guy happens to on the PC version.

My recommendation:

  • You can avoid him, kill both assassins and go back to Smith - When you give the pictures to Smith, the purple turban guy comes running right away because he somehow finds out where you are - Hide in Smith’s house to the left and pull out your gun, if you are not on PRO save - As soon as our man enters, shoot him in the head. You can still get SA and doesn’t count as alert, close call or whatever.

  • If you are close to the exit, since Smith’s hideout is random, you can run there right away and escape before Smith is killed.

  • Let him spot you, go to a secluded place and let him run chasing you, sometimes he turns around, pull out your knife right away and kill him - He counts as a target, like all the other assassins - I say knife because it’s faster, the sedative takes time and can only be used if you approach him without him seeing you and anyone else spotting you (civilians or guards), but it’s really tricky .

A confession - I love this mission and I think it’s underrated, it’s my favourite Malaysia mission, I like the settings, the possible approaches and the fact you are just killing some assassins instead of a drug crimelord or something like that. The purple turban guy makes it more challenging and it’s not as glitchy as the guards in At The Gates or Hidden Valley

I know I’m a nitpicking douchebag but I must correct this. Temple City Ambush is the first of three India missions. Basement Killing, The Graveyard Shift and The Jacuzzi Job are the three missions to take place in Malaysia.

Now my heart is at peace.

I also love TCA. There’s something atmospherical in the crammed streets and the “ordinary but exotic” location. A sniper overlooking a civilian marketplace, I liked that. Purple Turban Guy was also one of the nice little twists SA levels often had to offer. And to think what Contracts mode would have to offer for such a level!

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If he means favorite India mission that’s surprising to me too. I really like Death of Hannelore and Terminal Hospitality.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking to say ‘Malaysia’ instead of ‘India’, I’m a very distracted person. Yes Silent Assassin comes very close to Blood Money for me, and there’s some things where the game excels.

guys u atleast killed the assassins agent smith does not even talk with me so I cannot even get those assassins