Terminus Suit Still Locked

Last night I completed “The Chameleon” with a Silent Assassin rating - my first time doing so for an elusive target. I was excited to get the Terminus Suit, but unfortunately the Silent Assassin Elusive Target I challenge is still locked as well as the suit it rewards.

I can see that many players have had this issue over the past couple years, but I’ve found no working solutions in those threads. Am I supposed to wait for some sort of fix?

Are you sure you get all Silent Assassin kills for all Elusive Targets?
If you deserved a suit, I suppose you’ll get it in a while when developers will look into this situation

I got SA on The Chameleon ET only, none of the others. The requirement for unlocking the Terminus Suit is completing one ET with the SA rating, which I did. Still no Terminus Suit…

theyre looking into the issue

I’ve just completed this this lates elusive target and for some reason even thow this is my fifth elusive target with silent assasin i didn’t get the winter suit. The challenge says that i only did 3 silent assasin but the targets say that i do have it. Wtf [image]