Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread


The mission “Club 27” is out now. This is the mega thread of all things related to Thailand and Bangkok specifically. This thread is working in conjunction with

For more information regarding the trophies, achievements, opportunities, challenges or Easter Eggs in Thailand, use the thread above.

This is a non-spoiler thread. For the first week, please try to use the spoiler tags


IGN Interview for Club 27 with Torben

How to do Tuppence a Wish?

Great to see Thailand will be hitting up in August! Can’t wait :smiley:


What category? the bonus episodes is still part of Hitman 2016? :stuck_out_tongue::wink::smiley:

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Thailand is “New” :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL from heart, not mocking LOL :smiley: but we don’t have category for Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh? it’s all part of Hitman 2016? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I get you :wink:

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We will get info about Thailand in early August maybe it’s time to talk about this episode ?

I hope we will get a good episode, as good as Sapienza =)


I hope they give us the release date and information this thursday, it’s about time


30th August probably. 23rd August a chance. Anything sooner would be a surprise.

In either Thailand or Japan I want to push a target from a ledge on to a decorative weapon such as a spear or katana and impale them.


While I know this’s the most realistic date’s I kinda hope they’re earlier. Especially after the bonus content fiasco. Won’t get my hopes up. Just mean’s no excuses for lack of elusives


Good to know we won’t be waiting months for the next episode :slightly_smiling_face:.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in love with this game. The fact that we have three more sandboxes, 60 new unlocks, at least 12 more Elusive Targets and one more bonus mission is kind of amazing. The sixty bucks was well spent. Feel bad for those on the fences. They can remain behind the fence for all I care.


Totally agree, for me just the Sapienza level is far better than any Hitman level


ill wait and see how these last 3 are.
but sapienza is definitely a great level. paris was also pretty good.
the training and marrakesh levels were boring in my opinion.
so far i would have much rathered smaller and more locations.


Most of them are drop points and spawn points. There might be reskinned weapons too


Probably 18 unlocks, I would say (we usually get around 6 per level, with the rest being smuggle points and starting locations).

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Yup, I wonder if what oh the 18 unlocks are proxy/remote explosives :smirk: Phone explosive.

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Maybe a silenced 9mm micro uzi like in contracts or an AK47/mp5s. Hitman could use some realistic guns. (Nothing personal silverballer)


Completely forgot about that fact… Damnit, I knew it was too good to be true as I was writing it. I’d say at least twenty cool new unlocks are coming. Hopefully a few cool new guns.


It seems that SE are not paying for gun licenses but it still doesn’t stop IO making the actual gun so fingers crossed. Really would love that. I really hope IO ask us what content or unlocks we would like. I reckon we would have loads of fun ideas, especially from predecessors.