Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread

Which is also a Square Enix game. Publishers “dividing” their own audience. Idiots. lol


hahaha they have absolutely no idea what they’re doing


The way I always understood it was that there would be six maps and 12 missions. When did that get dialled down to six maps plus three extra bonus missions?

I don’t expect two story missions per map, as that’d be hard to explain, but it was always sold as 12-mission game across six maps. Seems like three of those missions got quietly dropped close to release.

They could do the 2 mission in 1 country idea

If you look at the Hitman 2 for example, there were a few missions located in the same country… Japan

  • Tracking Hayamoto
  • At the Gates
  • Shogun Showdown

I think we can say it is confirmd that our target is Jordan Cross and the mansion is an hotel. Look at this revealed videoclip made by Jordan Cross:

The artwork:

And some screens from the video:


Just beautiful. Maybe something that this time meets the norm established with Sapienza. I hope we have our first triple contract in the Story involving three targets to kill.

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Yeah I hope so, but not the whole band. I think we’re deffently killing Jordan Cross and the woman with the weird hair :slight_smile:

At 1:55 we see the mansion from a similar angle to the one in the artwork.

I think this one is gonna be better than Sapienza, just because of the atmosphere, sunset. I’m gonna love this! :sunrise:

So Jordan Cross seems to be confirmed as a target in Thailand. I’m sure that the other target will be a member of Po family

Whats going on? is this official… is this something IOI pulled off?
Daym son This is some real ass marketing stunt. Blew me away. [If this is related/real]


What? Where did you hear that?

Where did you read this? In the video I see only three people: 47, A clearly man and another man with strange hair

Unless it says so specifically in her character bio then there’s no way of saying whether or not she’s transgender.

[quote=“Bardachenko, post:287, topic:8895, full:true”]
Where did you read this? In the video I see only three people: 47, A clearly man and another man with strange hair
[/quote]that’s a woman :smile:

define ‘man voice’

No no that’s a man. I’m regarding to the guy with the blond crest (that could be a motive to hire 47 to killing him). It’s a man or something similar :smiley:

Damn. I can’t see the video. Where did this come from?

Uhhhh I’m not 100% on this but from the MtF people I’ve seen they usually sound like women.