Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread

Peanut trail…


Poison the elephant’s food, Jordan gonna ride it and Dumbo goes crazy and flats him or throws him of so he brakes his neck/back. Would be sweet!

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Omg omg you guys won’t believe me but seriously theres a sneak peak of Thailand episode in a music video called The Class- Are We Stars which was uploaded less than an hour on YouTube. It even features 47 in the end :blush:

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Haha yes we’ve been talking about since yesterday. Appreciate the info though


Okay guys, what do we want to see in Thailand? So far I had:

  1. Elevators
  2. Crates to carry
  3. Briefcase + WA2000
  4. Elephants
  5. Room reservation
  6. Realistic fiberwire animation.

What more?


Why do people want to carry crates? What’s in the crates?

i want the gun distraction back. and the line i mentioned before :smiley:


Amazing and inexplicable things. Savage things.

Once you see them, you’ll never be the same


Room reservation would be excelent. I hope a room booked by the agency with guns inside, like Sapienza. It nails that feeling of having the ICA support.

  • Working Cameras
  • Working Metal Detectors
  • All the content located here (New Weapons and Gear) Has HITMAN been hacked?
  • Blood pools working
  • AI using guns correctly
  • Ammo calibres
  • Able to pick up ammo without picking up the gun and dropping it
  • Customisation
  • Human shields
  • Looking through keyholes
  • More realistic outfits (need a reasonable weapon to justify the outfit. For example a everyday security guard shouldn’t have a silenced pistol out or sniper)
  • Money/better rewards for completion.
  • Better challenges to unlock special gear
  • Did I say more content
  • Multiple environments per location

Before anyone says I’m being “Unrealistic”. These are things that were in predecessors. Should be here. Simple.


Sadly…nothing of that list will happen. We can be glad if they revert the change to the camera system.


Speaking of metal detectors did they ever fix the ones in front of the embassy?

Take a wild guess :joy:


You mean the half-assed customisation system from Blood Money where you could choose a few attachments for five guns?

In 2019? No thanks.

You think the older games have more content? Haha, almost got me there.

More realistic to pick the gun up.

So because content was leaked, we automatically deserve it? No fucking way.


Good Gawd.

That’s why I am in the camp of not caring about new additions or suitcases or blood stains shit like that. They struggling to get core stealth mechanics to work.

They put stuff in broken, leave it broken for months and then add more broken shit on top of it. Claim to fix broken shit and end up breaking it harder than before. Knowing we gotta wait months at a time for the patch.

This game is starting to piss me off cause I feel like I fight the game mechanics more than I fight the game. I gotta ask myself before each play through is this gonna work the way it should or is this gonna bug out?

Sorry rant over


basically if you want to get past a frisk point in Paris right now you have to climb around and up. i dont wanna do that each time. so disguise as a waiter. put the gun in the crate. carry it up.

it’s one more very immersive action to have


I hope we can make contacts on the elephants.

Yes and that’s how the game is made, i don’t see any point for it to be made easier, imo it will only ruin the fun with sneaking around.

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