Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread

That’s not the Collector’s of course :P… speaking of, they got ripped off even more if Collector’s don’t get S2.[quote=“Spodey, post:702, topic:8895, full:true”]
It isn’t a hitman game, it’s two.

How did you come to such a conclusion?

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Because Season 1 is a full game, so Season 2 is another?

It isn’t hard to understand, JJ.


When the first season is done, it will have far more content than previous hitman games. But JJ only cares about absolute numbers from the main missions, so all he can think of is, hurr only 6 missions? But BM had 12, its only half a game! Hurr durr!


Nope, he did all mastery levels in 4 hours for Marrakesh (he doesn’t exactly hide that) therefore there is only 4 hours of content.

Just thought about writing something like that as I was going through the thread…
Couldnt agree more.

LOL. Really you actually think that?

It’s the exact same game… S2 is nothing but a DLC patch with new environments and assets. Are there going to be a overhaul in graphics, gameplay, style, story etc. The answer is no. Why? Because it is all running off the same engine and game lore on the same IP. Why do games get a “Remastered” version in the title and not the exact title? Because it’s been overhauled through a different engine and middleware making it essentially classified as “new”.

Season 1 is exactly what it says… a season, a part, piece of the full media. Not a full game.

Look I know you love to troll and everything with your dank memes and crap. So if you are, well GG. Because it’s obvious that S1 is not equal to AAA funds.

I’ll hold you to that.

Full environments. 11 (Death of showman is lovely but linear) unique environments to explore and swap between at my own free will. Same goes for Contracts. I have 6 in HITMAN… 6 grinded, burned out environments. What if I didn’t like a map (as seen) well on predecessors I can simply move onto the next mission, but tough luck in HITMAN, because you only have 6 and there’s a waiting time.

A Gilded Cage took me 5 hours FYI. Let’s be factual please Spodey. And yes official content. My first 100% of GTA took me just under a week to do… and Fallout 4 longer… charging for the exact same price.


When we bought the full experience we knew that there would be Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Thailand, USA and Japan. That’s what we bought, and you may think that it is not enough for a full game, but that’s really all we were promised. Why would season 2 be included in that? How would it ever be sustainably from a finance perspective to continue making more and more seasons that nobody payed for?


Oh look, JJ’s made it personal. Good job.

It doesn’t matter if Season 2 is added on to the base game. If it has the same content as Season 1, I class it as a full game.

As for your comparisons to other games, there are a few things that irritate me:

• Mastery level 20 is not 100% completing the map

• 100% GTA includes shit like yoga, essentially extra tasks added to make the game look like more than it is

• Fallout 4’s side quests are mostly all fetch quests

We actually have 8 environments to explore, 6 of which are much bigger than Blood Money maps, but w/e. Quantity over quality, right?


Fine, it’s just a fact.

Here we go with the whining about episodic again. Episodic is awesome and it suits Hitman. Each environment in this new Hitman is worth more than 3 entire environments from the older games. And that’s just talking about the main missions and the challenges. A real player would play them alot more.

The fact that most people already put 60+ hours in this game while only half is out says enough really. It’s definitly worth it’s price. You’re just in denial. Then again, you say alot of silly stuff on this forum, stuff like that finding an EE takes more skill and creativity than the best speedruns. LOL


Another day on the forum.


Yes, it is.

Do you work with this engine? Have you worked on this game?

Solved it

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Actually this isn’t entirely true. It’s a new game in the sense that it’s got new content. But from a software development perspective, Season 2 would just be releases on top of Season 1. So lets say Season 1 is 1.0, Season 2 would not be able to be considered 2.0 unless the groundwork is changed.

Realistically, what it is, is Season 2 is an expansion pack of Season 1. And It wouldn’t be surprising if at the beginning of Season 2, you still had to own Paris/Prologue to purchase season 2 at all.

Therefore Season 2 should be considered an Expansion pack rather than HITMAN 2 in terms of fair competition.
Whether Square Enix follows this unwritten rule is another story though. We’ll have to see.

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Yeah, I meant full game in terms of the content :slight_smile:

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yeah I mean its hard to say. i think they could reasonably argue its worth a full game. but i think the more consumer friendly thing would be to sell it as an expansion pack. especially if they intend to just the destinations to the existing UI and when you launch Hitman you can seamlessly play all seasons

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If the the second season is sold as a new, seperate game, then it is possible someone might buy it without buying season one. Would we be unlocking the same weapons/gear all over again? I don’t see how this could work as a new game. They would have to sell it as a ‘season pass’ or as individual, episodic DLC.


At least some of the escalations are fun. Nobody ever looks forward to yoga lol

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