Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread

You mean the half-assed customisation system from Blood Money where you could choose a few attachments for five guns?

In 2019? No thanks.

You think the older games have more content? Haha, almost got me there.

More realistic to pick the gun up.

So because content was leaked, we automatically deserve it? No fucking way.


Good Gawd.

That’s why I am in the camp of not caring about new additions or suitcases or blood stains shit like that. They struggling to get core stealth mechanics to work.

They put stuff in broken, leave it broken for months and then add more broken shit on top of it. Claim to fix broken shit and end up breaking it harder than before. Knowing we gotta wait months at a time for the patch.

This game is starting to piss me off cause I feel like I fight the game mechanics more than I fight the game. I gotta ask myself before each play through is this gonna work the way it should or is this gonna bug out?

Sorry rant over


basically if you want to get past a frisk point in Paris right now you have to climb around and up. i dont wanna do that each time. so disguise as a waiter. put the gun in the crate. carry it up.

it’s one more very immersive action to have


I hope we can make contacts on the elephants.

Yes and that’s how the game is made, i don’t see any point for it to be made easier, imo it will only ruin the fun with sneaking around.

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what? you can still sneak around. especially if you dont want a waiter’s disguise. how does having an extra option take away?

if that’s the case why would anyone ever get close to the target? you can just snipe them


What makes you think it would be a few again. A successor is meant to evolve and improve on the mechanics and elements of a game. Due to a impIemented customisation system that, I agree, was basic. Not “few attachments” (has more attachments then HITMAN does #JustSaying) like you said. I was expecting an improvement and having every gun to be able to customise when you leave the map with it.

That “You mean the half-assed customisation system from Blood Money” has more options for guns then HITMAN so what does that make this game then?

An optional feature. Use it, don’t use it. It exists. Should be here.

Already proven it does so…

No. You pick up about 40 bullets. That’s a few magazines worth. A gun hold 1 magazine so no it isn’t more realistic when you pick up a gun.

It’s proof that there is content hidden away. Also drip fed content is pathetic.

Maybe we shouldn’t hope for stuff. We should just wait, because we will get dissapointed for sure with all those lists which they will never fix or add… :joy:

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• Have you tried looking through a keyhole IRL? Can’t do it now, can’t do it in three years.

• You showed that the previous games have more in terms of weapons. Nothing more.

• It’s still more realistic than the bullets magically appearing in your inventory.

• You’d rather we get a shitload of guns now and then none for Japan/USA? You’d be the first to complain when that happened. You act as if you’re entitled to the weapons because they happened to be leaked, and that’s ridiculous.


Yeah it’s not like it’s an episodic game or anything. Get a grip man.


Don’t worry. I’m already there mate. They’ve had enough time to start showing changes and since nothing has been done, better to leave it and move on and maybe if they actually look at their games under Eidos, they’ll see the mechanics they implemented from there and make actual progress.

Am I excited for Thailand? Not as much. Too long delay between episodes, and as much as the environment will be fresh to explore. The guards are still going to have that x ray vision and other crappy AI mechanics.


Can’t wait to see if the actual locations look different from the music video how pissed off people will be. Just like all the other trailers we’ve seen that have changed and don’t match the actual game. You can’t get mad for that.

Yeah, I can on my back door gate actually. Also look at the types of buildings we are visiting in HITMAN. Palaces and older century buildings… that you guessed it. Have an old lock system…and as I’ve said before, look at the master key in Paris…

It was an example of assets put into the game. Since HITMAN uses weapons and its main equipment, it was a obvious thing to choose. Sure if you really want me to count all the reskinned weapons? Yellow Duck, Red Duck, White Duck. What a joke.

You pick up the ammo boxes “magically” as your saying. Sniper Elite make you search the body to pick up ammo.

No. I’d rather a shit load of guns and more for Japan and USA. Nothing in this game is entitlement if I have paid for it. Technically I AM entitled to the content. It was an example, because if I were to say about the lack of content without examples there would be “how do you know there is any other weapon blah blah blah”

Doesn’t mean content should be drip fed.

>episodic release
>released in episodes



Dude, I literally just had to stand up and take the picture…

and yes, that room needs to be tidied up


I should rephrase that - most places we go, we won’t be able to do that. Paris is an art museum, so will have reinforced locks. The Consulate is modern, will have new locks. Luxury hotel in Bangkok, most likely new locks. Oil refinery in Colorado, most likely new locks. Same goes for Hokkaido.

There’s not much point in implementing a feature if it won’t be used much.

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In that we can agree. In Sapienza, Italy it would be pretty common, but the cost of the feature, just for that use, in that location, may not be justified for the little it’d be used, and in that I would agree with you. However they already made it on Marrakesh walls, so it’s pretty much done, and could be implemented in Italy.


It’s sad but the only thing from that list we’ll probably see is elephants.

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I hope ICA has rented a room for 47 where ICA drops and a starting location can be, like the appartment in Sapienza.


Nothing stops them from dropping content as in assets every week or so like they do with Escalations and ETs. GTA Online has been doing that for years and that’s a full, complete game.

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