Thailand / Bangkok Mega Thread

I like you’re sadistic ways of killing!!! :wink:

I would like to see a more closed map (I know, I know, don’t kill me) Something like Paris. While Sapienza was great fun, there was too much unnecessary space. I’m glad it happened. It was an awesome map. I just hope they don’t feel the need to make every map like that. A hotel would be great or a mansion like the Beldingford Manor one.


After the bonus episodes I quite like the idea of a day/night cycle with each map.

The large maps are great but AHBOS shows you can have a smaller, more focused, content rich environment and arguably have a better mission than a Gilded Cage. Size isn’t everything.

I hope we have a triple hit map.

I also have a sneaky inclination that we will see an optional objective in Thailand/Japan.



lol so mature

inb4 Thailand 19 august

I left that there on purpose. It only took 4 inches (I mean minutes) to get a response. Haha.


It’s possible, fingers crossed.


They better not dwell on the old stuff lol

A phone explosive would be cool. You place it and ring it, someone picks it up and you can choose to remote detonate their head. Lovely! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe on august 19th they will only announce Thailand episode release that will be available before 31st. But I hope you’re right and they give us next episode as soon as possible

I know IO’s words havent been completely reliable, but Early August ought to me before August 15th right? So maybe we’ll get a plythrough on August 19th at Gamescom rather than just a trailer

If they do a playthrought on gamescome they must release it before August 19 right. I hope the give us the info the 4th and release it the 18th. That would be pretty neat. :slight_smile:

they ought to. a lot of episodic players stuck to their guns. meaning they havent had new missions for 2 months already. im sure they would want to get the new mission out the door quick


Well it’s in the game files so it’s a matter of when it will be released lol


Oh, that’s awesome then! Looking forward to that much more than poisoned gum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I do want to see what happens if you leave it on a toilet seat. Will they still eat it? Anyone who eats gum off a toilet deserves to be poisoned.


And ahah yeah definitely :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be nice to have something to look forward to, rather than just ‘Thailand’. Show us the level, tell us about the targets, etc!!


thailand and japan are asian country. there gonna be same terrain. it sucks. japan must be changed!

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Let’s hope we’re not seeing tourist NPC models in every level (Marrakesh x2, Sapienza x2). I swear the god IO if we see the photographer in Thailand and you forget all the bitches from the E3 trailer you must burn. :smiling_imp:


Italy and France are European countries. There’s gonna be the same terrain. It sucks. Italy must be changed!


Same continent doesn’t mean same terrain. Japan and Thailand are very different places, as Italy and France, Mexico and Canada, Egypt and Congo.