Thailande in June, USA in July, Secret location in September

So, it’s kinda official right ?

The hitmanmaps website isn’t from IO or Square Enix and therefore isn’t official. Unless IOI or Square Enix say Thailand is coming in June, USA is coming in July etc. then it’s not official.

We’ll have to wait till E3 to see the official dates.


Are you sure ? it really looks like it’s from IO.

A new blog post with future plans should coming today.

Yes its just a fanpage

Ok my bad. I really thought it was from IO.

The unheard lodging shalt beest the all o’mighty Finland or i wilt exile myself from this cursed forum.

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It’d be cool if Unknown is the ICA training facility where it all began. The whole facility, not the little sets 47 trained on. Maybe that’s where he faces the British assassin who appears to be the main antagonist.

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I always thought that the last episode will be a remake of one episode from blood money. A bonus episode literally.

In all the previous games the story begins and finishes with the main antagonist. So even in this game it will be the same. I’m sure that shadow client is Soders. But only in september the puzzle will be completed.
Aas regards location, only in the first two games the last location was the same of the first mission: Asylum and Sicily. So I have no idea about it. I think it will be a secret location, after Japan, where there will be the end of the story. But I don’t think there are official info about it.