That feeling of a new map

I too loathe wrath but wrath isn’t a new level and this topic is what that’s about… :slight_smile:

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I’m tempering expectations for this map. It must be a great experience I’m sure. Its only that I’m still a bit bitter about the fact that IOI chose a “more-of-the-same” kind of map instead of something newer like the desired snowy map or that scrapped cruiseliner concept.

Whatever the outcome, I will still be forever gratefull to IOI for giving us a new map for free. I can’t wait to play something truly new and I’m eager to explore things for the first time and finally meet agent Smith again.


I don’t know what to expect going into ambrose, hopefully it’ll relight my flame of ambition around hitman. As right now it’s a meagre smouldering thing.


If it’s a 20 mastery level, then it’d be the sixth sandbox map that IO promised us (instead of 5 mastery with the level in straight line Romania). And at least 5 new unlocks (based on H3 unlocks per map) + the location suit are expected.
I just hope Ambrose Island is as big as Haven Island. :crossed_fingers: And it will be more vertical, I’d say, when you see the cliffs.


Same. I´m looking forward to it (cause, you know, new map/mission) but am nowhere near excited. No real/major expectations since H3 in general was a bit of a “disappointment” for me. Plus there´s that “more-of-the-same” kind of feeling that D-dog mentions, with the map essentially looking like a blend of Santa Fortuna, Haven, and Mumbai (I appreciate the pirate theme, but Indian pirates again?). Snowy map or Khandanyang (preferably both in one) or a cruise ship would´ve been nicer. Hopefully the mission has plenty of nice secrets to unravel and some neat signature kills for the targets.

Either way though, it´ll be nice to spend time in the game with something else than ETs. I´ve barely played it over the past 6 months, so I´m also hoping for something to get me back into it. Though my lack of desire to play has probably been mainly a result of the bugs and glitches.


That means their plan is working.

IOI didn’t promise six sandbox maps at all. They promised six locations, and the community thought “oh, that means six sandboxes”.

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What plan is that? .

Because Grey worked with people like that, like the Maelstrom, which i’m taking a good guess these people on Ambrose would’ve at least heard about.

Doing a Khandanyang map is probably a political nightmare to do, as it’s essentially analogous to North Korea. Better safe than sorry to not include it, and merely reference it.

I do love me a snowy map, so there’s a missed opportunity there, for sure.

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Getting goodwill from the community by making a level free. Everything paid so far has been mixed. 7DS has a better rep now, but It didn’t do well for quite a while, and the Deluxe Pack was always a bad deal.

I know that (chances are they were also part of his crew), but since the Maelstrom was active in the South China Sea, they could´ve set the mission in several other locations around that region (the Sulu and Celebes Seas probably being among the most appropriate). Ugh, guess I´m just annoyed I´ll be hearing Indian accents again…

But at least the Andaman Islands/Sea are still a unique setting game-wise.

That would depend on the nature of the mission and what it portrays, as well as the environment (i.e. how much it looks like NK), but either way I doubt Pyongyang would care… There´s already enough of Khandanyang stuff directly in the game anyway. I think an issue might be the fictional country setting per se.

Since every I have always come into a Hitman game that had already been long since released, or part of a larger story that I just wanted to move along, I’ve normally gone into a mission with an idea of exactly what I would do and what path I would take the first time I played it. But I think, this time, I just may voluntarily handicap myself and let myself truly explore and discover, to a degree, a new area that hasn’t been picked apart yet. I think I’m gonna turn off mission stories, instinct, hints, etc, and force myself to actually canvas and observe the map and it’s people.

I’m gonna go in with the signature suit, fiber wire, Silverballer, and lockpick, and try to just figure it out. I won’t take any disguises that don’t have gloves, and I’m going to use the fiber wire on the male target and the Silverballer on the female target; no accidents or anything. But, I’m gonna figure out how to get to my target based on what I see, what I hear, and how I can stealthily get to them, baring any disguises with gloves, and maybe I won’t even do that, maybe I’ll try SASO. We’ll see, but I may finally take my time with this one and go in mostly blind.

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The only challenges I haven’t finished yet are a few of the sniper map ones where you had to take out every target with an accident or something. There’s no way to save and I invariably mess up like half way through. I just don’t have the time or patience to keep redoing them.

As for Ambrose, it’ll be the Black Dragon, lockpick, gold coin, and probably the Krugermeier 2-2. I really like that gun. I’m looking forward to exploring a new map, for sure.

it is a great feeling. i tend to go in with no markers or hints, pick a direction, snoop around, pull a few threads, and see what happens. start piecing it together (like a goddamn noir detective) over a few intentionally aimless playthroughs.

…not too dissimilar to that well known elitist turkey fucker @scat1620 :wink:


Probably gonna go in with a similar setup, minus the fiber wire and keeping Mission Stories on just so i’m not completely lost, but will otherwise mooch around to see what’s what. The Krugermeier 2-2 dark has become something of a nice weapon i’ve been taking recently, so i’ll likely be taking that or the Goldballer, along with a lockpick (what else?), briefcase, hammer, and coins.

Seems pretty standard for my first runs.

That’s a quote for the Rare Sentance board.

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I’ll be heavily using mission stories, getting to know the routes and triggers, and unlock all starting locations asap via the challenges.

Then routing and speedrunning time

As for loadout: white trinity, kalmer, crowbar (assuming we dont have a smuggle right at the start). Couple of playthroughs after that whatever i need for the above mentioned challenges.


Very first play through? All hud off and only shortballer in inventory.

After that next dozen times? Silent Assassin tracker on, any gun I want, maybe crowbar depending on availability in map.

And can’t forget your mighty professional screwdriver to sabotage some electrical outlets in the middle of the jungle :smiley:

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