The 12 gauge shotgun can be seen through walls and doors


if i stand right next to a wall or a door in hitman 2016 the long part of the gun goes right through and can be seen through doors and walls does this happen to anyone else? im not sure if it happens with other guns.


anyone? i feel kind of bad nobody is replying why is that?


Well it is not such a major bug and wont affect you gameplay wise, NPCs still will not see it if 47 is hiding.

Also consider to post bugs in this thread in the future. :slight_smile: Have a nice day.


does this happen to you also with the shotgun showing through the wall??


Did not test but I would wonder if it was different on my side.

Also, for visual bugs, a screenshot helps. :wink:


The barrel…? :smirk:

But yeah, that’s strange. I haven’t played in a while, I’d have to check this out for myself.


Maybe this thread should be retitled : 12 Gauge Shotgun Graphical Bug / Clipping Glitch. That’s all it is really, guards and NPCs dont see it though