The 2016 Targets And Other NPC's Hogwarts HousesW

I got bored

Viktor Novikov - Slytherin

Dalia Margolis - Ravenclaw

Helmut Kruger - Hufflepuff

Silvio Caruso - Ravenclaw

Francesca De Santis - Ravenclaw

Roberto Vargas - Gryffindor

Claus Strandberg - Slytherin

Reza Zaydan - Ravenclaw

Jordan Cross - Slytherin

Ken Morgan - Ravenclaw

Heidi Santaro - Gryffindor

Hannah Highmoore - Hufflepuff

Sean Rose - Gryffindor

Maya Parvati - Gryffindor

Ezra Berg - Ravenclaw

Penelope Graves - Ravenclaw

Yuki Yamazaki : Ravenclaw

Erich Soders - Slytherin

How did you allocated them?
By what criteria?

I think you have discovered a new level of bored.
But there is no way Yuki is a Ravenclaw.

Slytherin :question:

Most likely. I mean I couldn’t care less about Harry Potter but it seems to me if you are a evil, underhanded manipulator (or flat out evil) BAM! Off to the snake house with you.

Well, in my eyes she’s just an asp so snake blazon fits her the most perfectly :slight_smile:

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Also shouldn’t Graves be a Ravenclaw. Isn’t that Hogwarts’ nerd clique?

Yeah but she’s pretty naive and overly trusting

Really did you hear about the list of things she did to even show up on the militia’s doorstep? How about the fact that she keeps a journal on her boss’ behaviour and performance?

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I honestly forgot all about all that when I was typing this . I’ll change it

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Don’t worry Colorado is so… underwritten in areas it is easy to forget or ignore certain things

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You know, I probably would clasify Penelope as the most positive and harmless target in last Hitman games… I don’t know why, but I have such a feeling she’s a pleasant person.
I would even associate her with Hermione, for me she’s pretty nice too :slight_smile:


It gets to the point where it feels like she shouldn’t have been a target at all or even recruited as an ICA asset as a no-kill option like the Constant or a Dishonored thing

Yeah, I was thinking the same back then