this is the thread where you post things you like about the most hated game in the series.

i will copy and paste a post of mine from another thread because i am lazy

it made sense that 47 hated the way the doctors treated him in romania. before codename 47 he beat the crap out of the doctors who put syringes on him, and later in codename 47 we actually kill one of them. so i can see 47 having compassion for victoria, because she was going through what 47 was going through. it was just badly executed because 47 looked like a wimp when he pointed the gun at victoria, and made that stupid face.

everyone says absolution is not a hitman game, and hated the linear maps in absolution. but not every map is a linear “go from A to B” map. maps like streets of hope, vixen club and king of chinatown are where absolution is a true hitman game, because you actually have targets to kill and a sandbox map, like traditional hitman games.

the interpretation of dom osmond’s death in the legacy trailer was so badass. my favorite scene in the trailer.

the gunplay is the best in the hitman series. no argument is needed i think.

i also love how in this game, 47 actually wants to kill people, and he is killing his own targets and working on his own, where before, 47 would just kill whoever paid him to kill, and did not want to unless he was rewarded. for example, nobody asked 47 to eliminate limpdick lenny’s gang; he did it by his own free will. hell, in absolution it’s 47 who gives the briefings of the missions, not diana (or agent smith.)

also when he shoots diana, it was the first time he actually questioned what he was doing, where before, he would not ask any questions about his job and do what he was paid to do.


The Absolution Silverballers are the best looking Silverballers in the series.

Also the shooting mechanics and killing felt great.


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Not trying to start anything but who says it’s the most hated game in the series.

There are many things I liked about Absolution actually more good than bad.
A few are the Sniper Challenge, sniping, I liked the dual ballers too.


Absolution did nothing wrong with it’s combat and gun design. Everything else, it’s pretty lackluster for a game from the Hitman franchise. Not bad for a videogame, but not good enough for a Hitman game.


That it got a far better sequel.

The gunplay.


I generally like the idea of the story. Execution is where it gets pretty wonky, but I was a fan of the idea of 47 questioning his actions further and being put in a situation where he’d come face to face with his past in a way (Victoria). His softer side feels way too soft, though, as opposed to, say, his interactions with Vittorio, but I like the idea of continuing some concepts that 2 brought up. I think that if it had better antagonists and 47 had more of an “I don’t know how to feel about this and I’m conflicted” rather than outright soft, it would’ve worked out better.

Also, it has some pretty good levels. If my Xbox 360 hadn’t died, I’d probably still come back to King of Chinatown, Terminus, Hunter and Hunted, Shaving Lenny and Blackwater Park. And speaking of levels: Blackwater Park is a thing. It’s honestly among my top 10 levels of the series, the tone of it is pretty great and it’s just got a lot of memorable stuff. (and I have to add, every time I think about that level I have to play the tune by Opeth. Good name indeed)


Best control scheme in a Hitman title. Most powerful version of the character.

Also liked the “Military System” style fonts, GUI, and Menu. Especially the 2-pane split for Story (I think on the left) and Contracts (I think it was on the right).

Liked that Contracts Mode had its own arsenal of weapons, unlockables, shop, and money.


Contracts mode in Absolution is way better than the one in HITMAN.


I loved the cutscenes. I still watch them on youtube.

I loved the trailers.

I loved the brutal kills.

I loved how 47 looked.

I kinda liked the original story.

I loved the atmosphere.

I loved the suit with the tie pin and killer gloves.


I loved Absolution. There was NOTHING I didn’t like about but I may have wanted to see one or two tweaks. I would have been totally fine with an Absolution 2. But I’m also happy to see a return to the classic vision.

Between what I’ve played of HITMAN and subsequently read here, Abs still has H6 beat in a few areas.

Weapon variety
And Contracts mode spring to mind

Although I’d have to play it again to confirm this.


hitman absolution is awesome game.

hitman franchise is lackluster for new game trend.
they tried more story-based, linear game instead of sandbox hitman game.

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And the result wasn’t too good. The linear aspect was pretty heavy against Absolution, specially with that checkpoints system.


actually i like 2016 more but absolution was a beary awesome for me :slight_smile:

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Absolution has one of the sexiest renditions of a Mossberg 590 shotgun I have seen in a videogame. The main problems for Absolution (gameplay and mechanics wise) are the already mentioned checkpoints system and that it repeats a thing that was tedious back in H:C47 and SA: levels where there aren’t targets to kill. Also, SO gameplay was almost completely grounded to the use of covers in some points.


In some ways i would say that Absolution is closer to the core experience of Codename 47 and Silent Assassin then Blood Money ever was. A lot of people will properly be having a hear attack by just reading this and readying them self for a full keyboard warrior attack, to them i say, calm your horses.

When we look back on Codename 47, Silent Assassin and their overall structures as well as Absolutions they have a lot in common.


Alle three games focus on a very personal journey for 47, where he discover who he is and what path to follow. All three games focus a lot on his character development and giving us a better idea of what goes on inside his head. That he isn’t just a robot without remorse, but the burden of being created for one takes it tole on 47. All games ends with 47 wiser then he was at the begning and taking control of his life again.

Mission Design

All three games follows are more chronologically level order and not a disjoint one that we know from BM, Contracts and H16. Here every levels are connected through 47 journey into the abyss. Just like Codename 47 and Silent Assassin we are treated to levels without targets, gateway levels if one will. These levels serves a purpose of building up the tension as 47 makes his way into areas that are remote and not easily reached. Here we have levels like ‘Find the U’wa Tribe’ , ‘The Jungle God’, ‘Hidden Vally’, ‘At the Gates’ and ‘The Graveyard Shift’. These mission is not what people have come to expect of the Hitman core. But when all dices are thrown one can not deny that Absolution was not the first game in the series to use this kind of level structure.

Absolution does have a lot problem in the end, i don’t think the more linear levels are to blame here. Well not all of them, some of the linear levels are horrible to say outright, the story Dexter Story arch is a mess. But Absolution could have been a better game in the end if it was more focused on what it wanted to be.


Hmm… I liked the tune playing in Streets of Hope diner.


Going guns blazing never felt so satisfying in any other Hitman game. Even Hitman 2 with it’s crazy ballers ragdoll.


Guns sound,look and behave better in Absolution.

Other than that I can hardly see what Absolution did better than Hitman 2016.


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