The Appraiser - ET #3 (Isle of Sgàil)


Yes, there is, next to hole in the floor. Although I missed her when I tried it, which is why I decided to kill her up close.


Ah so it wasn’t as simple as dropping it when she’s at the center table? Hmmm…


Fish, lockpick, start in the gallery. Not too fast, but easy enough to repeat and safely perform. I could not think of a reliable way to eliminate it directly in the gallery and decided to intercept it in the second room where it was sent, after which I would use a bodyguard disguise to calmly pick up the journal and escape.
Simple and reliable way with not the worst time.


Ok. After all this nonsense I hope the next target is in Mumbai.


It would be great if we could play the Elusive target without the game FUCKING WELL CRASHING TO DESKTOP LIKE IT HAS FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS!!!



This text will be blurred


If you’ve got an RTX card, maybe don’t drop $500+ on a product that is not proven?

Your own fault.


sa/so no ko’s, scalpel kill. I liked this ET!


My attempt at The Appraiser, accident kill (1:03)


ET #8: The Mad Scientist.

Good evening 47,

Your target is Doctor Megalomaniac, inventor of a highly dangerous weapon only known as Death Ray.


Que? Performance of the card is great, and every game works great, with hitman being the sole exception that frequently crashes.


Lol I didn’t know she would be dumb enough to smoke next to that oil tank so I lured her with a coin and shot the oil instead. Seems like a pretty easy ET since you could just let her kill herself there. Still a good target though, much better than the previous one.

Sadly this thing wasn’t present, if not hidden somewhere.


As I see, most of the targets conveniently roaming through or near some kill possibilities, so to speak.
Oil tanks, barrels, railings, abysses, network filters and so and so on


I noticed she stood in a water-poodle in the gallery as well.


Yeah I got her with the electrocution kill


How about chandelier kill? As I recall she walks under a couple


Another good ET in my opinion :+1:, with a good opportunity to kill the target in a accident, which I used, I could also kill her with lethal poison syringe if I wanted too, but smoking is bad for the health, more so when you stand in flammable liquid :joy:.

SA, no SO though, too risky:

and the Absolution suit is mine :blush::


This & the last ET are just Terrible in my view. Anyway! No distractions of any kind needed, No one needs to be subdued. Just a Sniper Rifle & Modern Emetic Syringe required for an easy Suit Only version/Accident Kill.


I’ll agree they could’ve been designed much better, but I wouldn’t call them terrible


Same old nonsense of a close bodyguard(s). Nothing unique or challenging in regards to these last two ET’s. Really enjoyed the 1st one tho.