The Appraiser - ET #3 (Isle of Sgàil)


This target was much better than The Revolutionary or The Undying, but i still prefer most S1 ETs.


Same (cheap & fast) way I used in my run, poison kill. Got SA too but I started from warehouse so no need to change disguise :syringe:
Don’t really care about target and description but only reward(s) I can get :tshirt:


Certainly the best of the 3 ET’s so far: A lot of possible kills plus a 2nd objective that isn’t obtrusive or out of the way.
Though I was disappointed when Diana points out who the target is in game. I thought ETs shouldn’t have that voiceover?
Managed to do it SA SO so i’m happy with my 2 new suits


i failed so badly. i detonated a taser and then i got shot down by all the guards. i thought it was legal for me to detonate a taser because i was disguised as a guard too. god dammit.

wtf i did exactly that and then all the guards wanted me dead. this sucks. now i feel for everyone who says that elusive targets should be replayable. they absolutely shouldn’t (not now), but i feel for them. they should however, be made replayable at the end of the game’s lifespan.


That sucks. I used the EMP so it was legal.

Remember EMP > Taser (for civilians kills)


Im pretty sure that its not illegal to detonate a remote taser but it is illegal to throw it though, no matter the disguise. Same goes with throwing emp, breaching charge etc


i didn’t throw it, i dropped it


I’ve read reviews that it’s not that great, at least not reflective of it’s sticker price.

I don’t have one, haven’t used one, so I can’t say for sure


RTX are powerful cards, just overpriced


FOR THE FUCK SAKE IOI! I’ve taken notebook and leaved mission without killing the target. Which is AUTOMATICLY FAILED. WTF!


It does say you can’t restart after you complete an objective, it’s kind of on you man


" Once you have begun to complete objectives,you may not restart "


Yeah, i know it’s my fault. But I needed to rage :slight_smile:


Why would you quit it in a middle?


Sometimes you need to quit what you doing immediately and do other stuff :wink: I was tired and forgot about this. Fuck im so pissed.


Fair enough. I almost picked that book up about 20 times in my trial runs :smile:


So you take out your “rage” on IO when it clearly was your fault :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Loco strat mate!


Should’ve just powered down and fired it back up when you were ready to try again.


The Chandelier worked for me, there is a hallway she walks down next to the gallery, pacified the NPC’s using the sink trick. Like an idiot, I kept the submachine gun from a guard, so when I changed back into my suit half of the square with the effigy went ape shit.