The Appraiser - ET #3 (Isle of Sgàil)


Actually the disguise change is more valuable. With that many dead bodies, any new guards that arrive on the scene tend to have heightened awareness and will just drill you in the bin. But if you get the disguise, you can walk away.

In fire fights I also tend not to rely on the bins/boxes… I’ve died too many times from guards being too smart. If I fail to change disguises in time… better to continue killing towards another costume type than to try for the bin/box.

If I fail to change into something suitable stop after stop and I’m still alive… that basically means I’ve killed everything on the map… lol.


Ready for more #backseatgaming ? When you went to the right where there are more people - I wondered why you didn’t go through that one door with the 2 guards on the outside? I think your chances of survival would’ve been much better. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone else catch that the “blank canvas” painting she hired the thieves to steal was originally mentioned in an in-game news report (Whittleton Creek map, IIRC)?


Did you notice, - Jamison has honored to be described in a separate blog post on IOIs website.
I wonder what so especial about her that IOI paid so much attention to her representation.
She’s the first of H2 elusives to be told all her story about.
This is not fair to Faba (especially) and Murillo.
But I’m glad they end up to summarise all Miranda’s progress.
Was interesting to read


I’d really like something like that for all the ET’s, if nothing else just to see the writers stretch their legs and indulge in the characters.

But I’m an aspiring writer so I would say that.


woulda coulda shoulda.


“The Appraiser” SA. Lol this method


First ET of the new season. It was, fine. Took me a good while to find out where she was at.

Cleared out the room beautifully, save for the guard that follows her around.

For some reason I fluffed that up wasn’t able to get him distracted in the way I wanted and truthfully I was losing patience with the whole thing. I knocked out the guard and shot her a bunch of times.

No one the wiser and I skipped out.

I actually like the tux with mask. I liked it more than I thought I would. It’s my default now.

Oh wait I lied I did the Revolutionary

This was my second ET

Damn they are forgettable


Anyone else think the second objective was a good thing in this ET? I liked it and the fact that it moved location on each restart made it that bit more challenging


I didn’t know that it moved locations. Where was the other spots, not including the chapel

I don’t mind an extra objective as long as its not like that one from with diamonds or something from Marrakesh lol


Pretty sure it never moved


Notebook moved? Never moved for me. I believe I restarted 4 or 5 times?

Side note. Really wished I’d recorded my run. I did end up getting SA, but would loved to see the reaction to my overly complicated method.

I really complicated things in my run! LOL


I did my ET run on my first attempt, watching videos on YouTube one of them said it spawned in different locations so I just assumed that was the case!

Sorry guys my mistake lol @TheContractor @w00master

Anyway I really enjoyed the additional objective, think it’s a good addition


No worries mate! I thought maybe I got “lucky?” with the non-moving notebook! But, glad I wasn’t goin’ insane. LOL

In terms of the multi-objectives, I actually like (also hate) them in ETs as there is some point the player has to “commit” with no going back.


Haha, that’s what happens when you believe everything you hear from youtube! Egg on my face.

Yeah it does make you play over cautious as you know one slip up and your done for.


same, it’s really neat


Burned that bitch.

No Absolution suit though. Thanks, Revolutionary. Hopefully the next one is on Mumbai


Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai!

Mostly for the suit though, I am interested to see what the WC ET will look like.


Next time you’ll kill them all. :wink:


Well, I Eliminated her! Silent Assassin!

I really liked this target a lot. I was a bit disappointed that the necklace was not in the display case, I really had my heart set on eliminating her with it. Yeah well… (does anyone know if it’s possible to get it elsewhere?) I looked around for a bit but just gave up as I was really pressed for time (I was playing it at a friends house and they needed to leave so I didn’t want to hold them up)

So, I eventually just used the gas leak and she killed herself with a cigarette. And by the looks of it, that’s how MANY did it as well lol whatever, may not have been the best kill and not the one I wanted, but I succeeded none the less and got SA!! I’m happy lol

Also, I really love the fact that they do this now with the Elusive Targets on the Hitman FB page. I really wish they would have done this with the S1 targets… makes it feel like an “official contract” lmao nice little detail there I think!