The Appraiser - ET #3 (Isle of Sgàil)


If she’s this bad about keeping dates, I’d hate to see her powers of appraisal. “Oh, this old musty thing, that’s worth about a couple dollars.” “But it was dug up in an excavation site near the pyramids!” "Oh, well… 5 dollars?"


Don’t forget she’s a girl.
Girls like to be waited


For the PC players, I have made a Contract with ta target in the most likely location the et will be in


121361971359 (Ctrl C & V)

If you only have starting gear, this will be the meta (imo):


Isn’t it the 24th today?? Is this out now?


It was moved to the 25th as stated above…


Oh sorry I saw the 24th then skipped to the last post to see if people had posted runs. Thanks for your reply.


How do you plan to kill her, the forum ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Smack her with a snowball on the edge of a cliff or something :slight_smile:


I’m well overdue a poison kill on an elusive target so that’s going to be my preferred method on this one!


Could someone tell me the exact time when The Appraiser is put offline again? I’m having a hard time calculating (different timezones and the one-day-delay).
Thing is that I won’t get the chance to play it until Monday 4th in the evening, unless I leave work today very early and try to rush through it (recipe for failure).


ET comes out in 3,5 hours, and will last for 10 days, which is untill sunday the 3rd.


Guess the pressure is on!



Only training I got was from the escalation, observing and learning everyones routes but I still feel confident about this one. I have a feeling that she’s not only going to be in the warehouse though


Same. But as most of my required supplies will be in that area I might as well start in the Warehouse. If that start area is not available not so hard to get there from default start.


I might spawn as custodian and take the raider disguise of the guy rotating upstairs, all though I think custodian have less enforcers but they are not allowed in the ark member area Sophia mainly is. It all depends of the ETs loop.


An Ark Member disguise can be procured from the security room of the Warehouse.


I think the best disguise for IoS is elite guard’s one.
Think he has no restrictions to go


Havent used the exploading phone for a while… Might be time to… Make a call…


There’s an Elite Guard disguise at the Warehouse too. :slight_smile: