The Ark Society - First impressions


This thread is made to post your first impressions about the 'The Ark Society’ mission in Isle of Sgail, North Sea. :european_castle:

Have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:



Where did you find that?


That castle is so huge. Makes me wonder how they will fill it all. Luckily we have three targets.:smiling_imp:


Dude thats like hogwarts!! LOVE IT! :joy:


This is a leak that Travis wanted us to not show…


oh right, i forgot about that


Who do you think Sophia and Zoe are ?


The Actual Hogwarts used in exterior shots is somewhere in Scotland and I think based on the name and Sgail’s history it is located in Scotland.


Oh yeah that does make sense :slight_smile:


I think Sgail might be a legal part of Scotland like the Hebrides in Scotland. Not an administrative region or independent island


Awesome sounds pretty nice if we get some of that good old scottish accent :smile:


I can’t wait to find out what the effigy is all about.


Burning effigies is a pagan ritual. A man or object made of wicker is burnt. In the old days pagans put a sacrifice in one. It seems as though the cult is not the Church of Ascendance but a
live paganist sect.

On that note you should see The Wicker Man either the original Seventies version or the bees one from 2016


Do we think this Ark Society is the Church of Ascendents or something entirely different? I don’t know which I’d prefer. I’m inclined to imagine an offshoot of the CofA, maybe rogue members?


I don’t. I have my reasons as to why in the comment above.


Oooh, your idea is much more in keeping with the old castle level too. CofA is too Hollywood Scientologist.


Yep might be some sort of Forefather’s Eve occasion where they are trying to invoke spirits, might be restoration wealth if my theories on the targets are right or it might be an excuse to dress up like a bear and punch middle-aged women.


It could also be Ireland,


Possibly but given the MS Store said it was used by the English during their war against Scotland and built on occupied land it seems likely it is Scottish.