The Ark Society - First impressions


Literally could describe 90% of the known world.


Yep but war with Scotland accounts for a period of time at least two centuries before Pax Britannica and rapid British expansionism.


I know it wasn’t a castle, but am I the only one getting a Beldingford Manor vibe from Hitman Contracts? Especially that first shot of 47 walking towards the entrance. Scotland, misty/rainy night…just me? Ok :laughing:


imo NZ looks more like it will be a Beldingford-type home invasion. the weather conditions are of a stormy night, closer to Beldingford. also the fact that it’s a mansion/beach house. guards look pretty similar too.

but i guess the vibe is sort of there in Sgail


Yeah, I can totally see that for NZ too. That one has me very curious I have to admit. Something about a beach house along the shore, off to itself on a stormy night, with 47 on the job…goosebumps.


The Church of Ascendants seems too much like a parody of the Church of Scientology and if so, would be lazy writing. Alternatively, it’s a Providence gathering, but making them a religious order would also be a bit predictable.

Here’s hoping for a third option.


Well I am thinking pagans because of the effigies and the Scotland a la Wickerman


The thing is, the creepy cult with a dangerous agenda has been done in PZ. I’d love a PZ-related ET in this castle, but I’m not too sure what options there are for a new cult. Religiously-motivated terrorism would be a dangerous theme to work in, given the current climate, and we’ve had plenty of militia levels. To an extent, I feel that PZ was to far a stereotype of a cult to make a return to the theme viable.

I’m starting to wonder if this is simply Providence HQ. Or possibly Lady Somebody, Providence Donor and Financial Backer.


I concur. Having religious extremists wearing masks and capes and worshipping a secret God is a little cliché and I can’t see the Constant getting on his knees and grovelling to an imaginary leader. If it is going to be a Providence conference, I think something classy and ‘normal’ like the meeting in Spectre would be preferable.

If it was Providence HQ, then the targets may be the upper management, meaning the organisation could be wiped out in the one mission. Which, for the amount of lead-up it’s had, I hope isn’t the case.


I think the Providence HQ is in New York, just feels right for some reason.

I still maintain that the Ark Society are either neo-pagans or celebrating some sort of artistic festival like Burning Man.


Spoilers, please. The game has not even been released yet.


For an organisation with apparent global reach, New York City’s infrastructure would make sense, perhaps an innocuous skyscraper neighbouring the United Nations.

It’s possible that the Ark Society is the name of the group as well as the mission, a kind of inner sanctum of the Church of Ascendants. Noah’s Ark maybe? To protect the select few from the coming disaster?

@UnitedFyodor I’ve just re-read my post and I’m not sure which bit you’d like me to censor. None of it is confirmed to be in the game.


Yep and they have already mentioned New York in relation to Joe Cobb, a higher up in Providence.

Maybe, but I don’t think they are a part of Providence proper. The Providence members on the wall in Colorado appeared to be business leaders and politicians. With like one archbishop appearing on the wall.


The Constant has been confirmed aa a target by the leaks


I was referring the Constant in general terms as a member of Providence, but I can see how that could be misread as a spoiler. I’ll cover it up just in case.


With the old bank, Milton-Fitzpatrick, yes. I believe the ‘Providence is Under Attack’ cutscene took place in their vault.


It is not. This can be found on the Microsoft Store page.


It was a different image at first, but @cakeblock941 changed it after my comment.


Oh, I did actually leak the original image so I was worried it reappeared after I deleted it because dev request.


the highlight of this level is the MUSIC! i want to believe Niels did all these songs, it sounds incredible! IO pls release the OST, for Sgail at least!