The Ark Society - First impressions


Beat this (and the game) just now. Super impressed with this map, not only is beautiful and artistically super interesting but the amount of possibilities and the story itself was great. I think is my favourite map of the last two Hitman games.


I’ts a very great map the perfect ending for Hitman 2… big map… verticality… special objectives… there Is all.


Just launched this map for a few minutes after completing Mumbai and Whittleton Creek and wow ! The atmosphere is really really incredible :flushed:
This Season 2 is absolutely the best ever :astonished:


Definetly the biggest surprise from Hitman 2. It’s amazing how big the map is. It really does have that famous Swiss cheese design since despite being set in one big complex, it never feels like there are ever any dead ends. There is always a drainpipe, a passage, some stairs going somewhere, it is very impressive.


I love the atmosphere, the level’s design, I love the characters involved and I love how the game rewards me for actively failing one of the mission targets.:joy:


the atmosphere is off the charts with this one. they need to release the OST asap. i’m kind of disappointed that the music doesn’t go to a higher volume


Ive been playing for the whole afternoon but I can’t figure out a way to kill them silently :joy:

Also with the disuises and the suit I get a dance with the devil vibes


Playing this level and listening to some of the conversations is like that Simpsons episode when Homer join his Masonic Lodge.:joy:


On my first playthrough I saw an opportunity but Sophia Washington did not pay attention to my coin. So I decided to go for a cleaning session


It worked perfectly thanks to my coin and my good spot.

For Zoe I had to go with the master of ceremonie disguise, but it was hard to hide the body

I really enjoyed this level, the atmosphere is great and we can have a good replay value even if it’s more challenging


This seems like the standout level to me, at least on a first playthrough. What atmosphere! What twisty level design! Great stuff.

The targets themselves are pretty boring though.


This together with Mumbai was one of the most challenging levels. This reminded me of a more decadent and thrillingly dangerous Paris. The targets in this actually seemed very well-protected; getting to Sophia, in particular, wasn’t easy.

I kind of wish the SC was available in this as some sort of helpful NPC who’d cause a distraction or something. He’s supposed to be dealing with the Contstant, but he doesn’t help much.


So I was playing this level and my mom entered the room. She heard the Sgail theme and she said:

“What a music. It sounds like a funeral.”


Well technically it is a funeral.


Bulletproof maybe?


if you’re wearing the knights armor, you become tank 47, but it’s still possible to die. you also can’t crouch ;_;


The music in this mission is great, feels so dramatic and fitting. I really got a great sense of how it was a mission with true global elites, like in Paris to get to apparantly these incredible super criminals you… sneak round the back of a fashion show and then climb a drain pipe.

In this mission getting to the top feels like a real challange with levels of locked doors, keycard protected entrances, armed guards etc.

Also the suit of armour is really fun to run around in, becoming a bulletproof knight with a shotgun is worth the full price for the game already aha


Haven’t found the armor yet but it is a very nice level! I stumbled frome one great area into the next one.

I just think the light effecty are a bit too much :sweat_smile:


I love the map. I’ve uncovered so many routes and opportunities and I haven’t even played that much. I was hoping that The Constant would kill Sophia when being told of her plan though (not sure if that’s still possible :yum:). Like seriously, wouldn’t you expect it to happen here?


i know right? like she’s turned around and everything. i guess it sets up like that for you to kill her, but still. would have been cool


Isn’t the whole point of the Social Climbing opportunity that it was a test of faith in The Constant and his trustworthiness. I don’t think the Constant would kick someone as high profile as Sophie Washington off a roof.