The Ark Society - First impressions


He’s spent so long manipulating others to do his dirty work for him, that he’s forgotten how to get his own hands dirty. And The Constant’s been in this business for a very long time, he knows better than to react to petty triggers like Miss Washington. He’s a diplomat, not a fighter.

He may smell of public transportation, but she’s the one in the gutter.


I just saw a comment on one of the Ark Society vids that just pissed me off. Here it is.

“lame as season 1. Copy /paste. This and season 1 have zero atmosphere or tension as the early games. Has a lot to do with the generic music and lack of serious NPC dialogue or dangerous targets. It’s an obvious example of IOI going for quantity over quality. What good is a huge map if it’s all laid out for you”


can i say typical comment by a Hitman veteran? yeah


This level has some of the finest and vast amount of dialogue related to story. You have to be at right place in right disguise to listen to them.


Easily my Season 2 favourite. Design, music, atmosphere, it has this feel of old Hitman games… a taste of something corrupt or twisted hidden behind a mask of luxury. Even the soundtrack supports it, which I found to be the case only in Mumbai slums. Besides that, I didn’t notice the music much.

The level design is very nice. It gives you this feel of mystery and magic old castles possess. Such display of power has Providence written all over it. (Duh!)

I was quite displeased with the ending as it was obvious they will go this way with it, because the cinematic before the level (and the comic) actually hinted it. And with the cutscene style as well, but nothing can be done about that. The story itself was weaker compared to Season 1. It moved slowly and everything could’ve been compressed into two or three cinematics in my opinion.


There are some valid points.


Such as?

This text will be blurred


The atmosphere wasn’t like in the previous Hitman games. It lacked this twisted point of view of an cold, detached assassin, and Kyd’s soundtrack heavily supported that.

The dialogues were informative, yes, offered information, but far from serious. I guess the voice acting contributed to that.

And the point regarding dangerous NPCs is valid also. Targets from pervious games were able to kill you and were pretty lethal. in Season 1 they all just run and tell on you. There was also a shift from people-hunting lords, slaughterhouse parties hosts, porn tycoons, terrorists, and child traffickers to bankers, lawyers, (unstable) scientists, and fashion moguls.

Season 1 is simply, as many put it on this forum before, a Bond game we’ve never had, and the soundtrack supports it heavily.


during the ave maria opportunity, i had a fish in my inventory. one of the ppl who paid respects commented about something smelling like fish. is this only if you have fish on you?


Most likely one of the challenges is to attend the funeral with a fish.


God I wanted this so badly that I made a good 4 or 5 saves just during this conversation.

I also wanted to see what would happen if I shot her in the head while they were talking. A little disappointing tbh, was kinda hoping he would smile and walk off.


Played this mission more and found more assassination methods. This one might not have the most interesting targets but it definitely has the best kills in this game (effigy, iron maiden, necklace) and the best atmosphere. Absolutely love the disguises too, especially Block’s disguise is so damn weird it’s great. I have got totally lost in the castle and have yet to find Janus but I’m starting to learn the layout.


If you need help Janus is in the castles lowest level and is on a slab with a mortician working on his body


Yeah I knew he was somewhere in the cellar but I’ve just got so lost I haven’t found him. I’m guessing you can kill Zoe with the dagger while posing as him in the coffin.


I assume, I have yet to do the opportunity. I was just exploring the level like you were I knew this would be a level that required me to get my bearings


is anyone else super distracted by the water at the docks? It most turbulent winds in the world


Lol he was closer to the wake place than I thought. I just hadn’t gone to that room earlier. It’s pretty stupid that you can do that opportunity even without the dagger. Makes it too easy imo.

Also lol’d when Zoe said that Janus died peacefully in his sleep. Maybe that just means the pillow kill is canon. :thinking:


Zoe’s a Providence member and Providence put out the hit on Janus (once Diana falsified information making them think that he was the Shadow Client), so she presumably knows the truth about his death. But she doesn’t want to reveal that truth to all the other members of the Ark Society who aren’t members of Providence.


Yeah I thought about that too, maybe it’s more logical explanation.


they did? I thought 47 and Diana acted independently of Providence/the ICA there and killed Janus/Cassidy before revealing their “evidence” to Providence to justify it. have I missed something?