The Ark Society - First impressions


Hm, they definitely framed Janus but I guess I’m not sure whether the framing came before or after the hit. I’ll have to re-watch the cutscenes to see if it’s made clear.

It doesn’t seem like a very good plan if they killed Janus before showing the evidence to Providence. It’d look like the 47 went rogue and it’d be hugely suspicious.

Edit: I watched the briefing again and it’s very unclear. Lucas Grey says that they’ll need to search the house for clues, but there’ll be big problems if Providence learns of their presence, then 47 says “so we frame him”. I took this to mean that if they frame him ahead of time that Providence would give them the go-ahead to be at his house to search for clues. But I guess it could give retrospective justification after carrying out the hit.

One problem with my interpretation is that if Providence okayed the hit, then it’s not clear why they’d also want to take down Nolan. But Providence would probably wonder why 47 did that even if he went rogue and took down Janus on his own. This whole plan is pretty murky.


the one thing we do know is that Cassidy was framed as well, so that explains why Providence would be okay with it (in Sgáil the Constant talks about how he knows the ICA went rogue as Cassidy wouldn’t betray them)


I was wondering whether the last mission would contain dialogue that’d clear things up… I haven’t dug too deep into that level yet.

That does lend evidence for thinking that 47 and Diana (and maybe even the ICA?) carried it out as a rogue hit before telling Providence. But killing two top Providence members before telling the Constant sounds like a completely crazy plan to me: especially since all they were doing was trying to provide plausible deniability if they were discovered looking for clues in Janus’s house. The writing at this point is pretty weak, I think.


Found my new favorite weapon (you can knock people out with it, just not by throwing).

Also there’s some Constant’s personal information in his safe. The combination is inside the model ship one floor down. I don’t think his first name is told anywhere else.


In a far -off Hitman 3 mission
Eliminate Arthur Edwards
Eliminate Someone Else


Where is the fucking armor


If you mean the knight costume In the penthouse there two of them


Beat the story and I really just wanna go back to killing despicable people for money. Can’t wait for this whole story arc to blow over (Isle of Sgaìl was a really cool level though!)


the combination is also on the constant himself, you can get it either by subduing him or killing him in contracts mode


Is there any way to avoid the timer after killing one target? I hate time contraints, let me work in peace. :slight_smile:


Played this one last weekend. Imo this is the perfect mix of Shogun Showdown + Beldingford Manor + Dance with the Devil + Blackwater park. A fine mission. :ok_hand:


Gut feeling is fixed. Any 3 poisons will work now…


I liked when the Constant spoke to Block and made him think the whole Arch thing is about making a tiny communist society. Almost jumped out of my cover to high-five Constant for this troll. But then remembered how 47’s high five looks like.

I know it is not really a troll move but that guy is just manipulating people. And here it was so unexpected hilarious because it hits that guy right into the heart.

Really my favourite dialogue in this level (yet).


@Tekno1 I didn’t find any Finnish NPC:s from Sgail nor Miami (disappointingly almost everyone had an English name). There’s one James Bond reference though. :wink:


Skyfall is one of the best bonds


I have watched James Bond only once, and that was for just a few minutes, because i was waiting for another movie to start, but i googled the name and remember this scene played during the 5mins of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The location for the ark society seemed amazing and huge, with plenty of potential for events, opportunities, etc.

However, I was kind of disappointed with the result of the main mission in this location. Zoe and Sophia seemed like very important targets but in reality I didn’t have much fun killing them and it honestly seemed like a hassle sometimes. I feel like they could’ve done better.

But hey, that’s just me. I was just disappointed with the main mission, I can’t wait to play the contracts for Isle of Sgail!


I agree, everything seems awesome about the map, except for the 2 main targets.


From what I’ve seen they seem to just be “Mwahaha, I’m evil and nothing else”.


I will say there is one detail about the twins I like (not that I hate them, the have Strandberg Syndrome I love killing them) and that is the fact that they don’t wear face masks despite their importance to the Society and what they represent.