The Ark Society - First impressions


If you laid out all the floors onto one plane including the ground and climbable ledges then it would most likely be a decently large level.


Alright, finally got into the Isle of Sgàil. Reminds me of Paris: dastardly characters, badass castle, freakishly overbearing. No internet connection, so I just went Masque of the Red Death in there until I was shot dead.

My internet reloaded later, but I used that time to play a contract. Something about strangling Silvio Caruso as the butler; search “Silvio” in the search engine.



that’s what you become. Romaninan tank


Im not saying Isle of Sgail is small, i disagree with the statement that Miami is much smaller. It´s not.


I guess what I meant to say is that if you were in a hurry, Miami’s map is more… “porous”? You can quickly get from the racetrack to the Bayside area and back again regardless of where you are on the map.

For Isle of Sgail… I think it’s not that simple to get to every area from every other area.


Yes Miami has much better level design than Isle of Sgail, i agree.

Does not mean Miami is much smaller. Because it is not.


are you for real? I got tricked by some guy saying give it an hour.


I really enjoy the intricacies of the targets in Miami. fantastic level overall. wish you could race as moses lee though.

I like the overall art design of Sigail better just because Im a huge bloodborne fan but as far as gameplay goes Miami is the best IMO


Sorry dude, due to the level design first time players and even veterans like me are probably had difficulties navigating the level.


I get that. I played all the Hitmans and it took me almost two hours to understand just the layout of the level. Its huge! but i think the fundamental philosophy of 2016/2 is different in that the old games was more about you understanding and inserting yourself into the events that occur naturally in the old games and I prefer that personally.

I think its okay for Players to miss events and next time around have a mind to seek inserting yourself in that event rather than it not occuring at all without your involvement


Well playing around the level some more I suppose if you know where every pipe is and every climbable area, and you manage to push every Illegal Button Secret Passage… Yes, you can sort of get around quickly.


i misread. i thought u were saying it DOES start when you’re up there lol


For the life of me I can’t finish this mission. I simply can’t resist killing the Constant.


Just wait until Hitman 3


Hitman has never had fantasticly artful plot writing. Really 47 just needed clues, but then the level is no fun. So this is what we get lol.


The Constant supposedly can escape by helicopter, but whenever I create adequate chaos his attempt is thwarted by the SC.


Has anyone found the 49th location to discover within the Isle of Sgáil? I have been trying to unlock the “Discover the Isle of Sgáil” challenge, but I am stuck at 48. I only decided to ask about this after I had looked at the map within the pause menu, which actually highlights what areas you need to discover, only to find that there were no undiscovered areas highlighted. I have been to and visited the vast majority of all possible locations and the only areas that could remain undiscovered are obscure side rooms.


If the map indicates no missing location (note you have to look at each level) then a bug seems to hindering the challenge to complete. This bug is known and hopefully being fixed soon.


That’s probably just a bug but to be sure: have you found the tower/sniping spot near the effigy? I was looking for that one for quite a long time and somehow didn’t notice it in the map.


Yes, I have been to that tower a few times. Never actually used it for any sniping however.