The Ark Society - First impressions

It’s a good place for a rifle nest. You can hit one twin through a window and the other while she mingles. Gotta jet fast after you hit the mingling target though.


What does the button do in the room with all the artifacts? By the shaft

What button? What does the interactable prompt say? I think Ive missed that. Is it that button that opens a secret door path

Yes, @Ibbe040, you’re right.

For some reason, I couldn’t hear anything happen when I pressed it last time, and neglected to look at the map.

Screenshots for references:

The button.

The door it opens (right behind the button)

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You can also open it by pressning a button from the other side :+1:

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I loved that mission. The level design, the atmosphere and the musical themes are great, it made me remember Blood Money. :smiley:

But that mission would have been perfect and totally epic if mission stories would have had more consistency and possibilities.
For example why are we only able to take Janus place during the ceremony ? Why are we not able to use the scalpel, open Janus body and put explosive in it ?
Once I found the dagger, I thought it was possible to do this so I was searching the location to put the dagger or how to give it to the embalmer. And I read on forums that I wasn’t the only one to search during long minutes…

Another example: Why 47 incarnate Sophia’s ex boyfriend while it’s totally improbable ? She should have noticed a thousand times that it was not Blake ! That scene made no sense to me, it would have been more consistent and realistic if Blake was angry and killed Sophia, and it would have been funnier too.

But this Hitman season 2 is a great game and that last mission is my favorite, the scene where guests pay their respects to Janus with the Ave Maria theme is awesome, it made me remember some good memories. And that’s the biggest thing what I was missing from the old games like Contracts and BM: a unique and dark atmosphere, with great musical themes and some theatrical situations.

Congrats to IOI for all that even if I felt that this game lack some consistency and finish, especially in the two last missions. I hope Hitman season 3 will be as good as the two first seasons and I think it will be, I just hope it will bring more challenge and difficulty during the mission stories.


Just began this mission…is it me or is this mission crazy fuckin hard?


It’s hard at beginning because the map is very big (bigger than it seems) and the level design is complex. But once you visited the whole map, it’s okay.


It is really difficult yes. Seems near impossible to do a suit only.

When I’m playing this level, I can’t help but think of the parallel of Jordan Cross’s funeral, and Thomas Cross being drawn out to nab him. Janus has Funeral, The Constant comes out to get nabbed. :confused:

Surely I’m not the only one that thought this.

That’s his own fault for not wearing a mask. We could’ve at least tried to find him based on his voice. :smile:

This is my favorite kill everyone map.

Well, I just finished that mission. Gotta say, I love the atmosphere and the music, really well done. The constant being highlighted in blue was quite uncanny and I was afraid he was going to escape once I kill any of the twins. I think the level design was pretty good and fitting for the atmosphere.

However, The gameplay was quite annoying as I felt the areas were very crowded and it was pretty hard to get the twins easily. That didn’t really impact my impressions of the mission much tho.

I’ve only played the level for around 5 hours or something and no contracts at all, so don’t take this as my final opinion, I still have a lot to discover.

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