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I’ve looked around the thread and so far I’ve only found one thread that was kind of similar to this, but instead, just real charcoal drawings. Of people. And stuff.

Go check it out, @tobiasrieper.48 has some amazing talent:

But anyways. Let’s get on with this point’s thread.

Welcome to The Hitmanforum Art Portfolio!

Are you making any art, maybe in your house or on your computer? Do you know an artwork you like and want to share with other people? Or maybe a friend asked you to promote their drawing?

Well, as long as it’s related to art and drawings (and it’s not anything weird…), this is the place for it. Unless you have realistic pencil and charcoal drawings… cough.

The most admired and liked artworks on this thread will be added to The Art Gallery, at the very top of this thread. If any person happens to stumble on this thread and read the original post: the first thing they will see is the Art Gallery and possibly, if it is good enough, your artwork.

No competition though. I don’t want to see any artworks that proves you’re better than another person (though technically that’s what I’m proving if you’re artwork gets featured… don’t call me a hypocrite pls).

And when I said:

(and it’s not anything weird…)

That includes:

  • Nude Images
  • Explicit Content
  • Offensive or Harmful Content
  • Images Directly Targeting Towards a Certain Person or Group
  • And anything that may offend or gross someone else.

My Artwork:

It’s not even close to complete, but I’ve taken a photo of my house hallway that leads to the laundry, bedrooms, bathroom, etc. and tried to kind of make it into a balance of realistic and un-realistic. I used lines, circles, brushes and other tools to help me kind of sketch out the outlines, but here’s what I got so far:

You can kind of see the hallway concept I was going for. There are a few doors on the sides of the image that need to be added in and after that everything needs to be coloured in, but it looks really cool to me, right now.

Snake Eyes

My ArtStation:

I also plan to launch a couple of Art Book projects on Artella soon. :slight_smile:


My art -



I’m currently working on a bit of Cuphead fan art. Some of them actually look really good.

One of them is a mix between Cuphead and Mugman. I call it “Mughead”.

Will be coming soon.


I think this is the right Thread to share some art. I found everything on the Instagram page Popmyeyes (,
but the single works were created by other artists that are linked under the original posts.

So aesthetic


I am studying 3d sculpting programs and I’ve created my first character with Zbrush



I’ve been painting something on canvas again lately. It’s a woman’s face from a music video. First I removed the color and then reduced it to (only) the highs and lows of the brightness: (It’s not finished yet)
Original face:

Edited version:


One year ago one of the my favourite italian comic actors died. Yesterday with Autodesk Maya I realized, just for fun, a bottle of water that this actor drink in a movie, in a very funny scene. The protagonist of the movie is a submitted employee forced by his boss to drink 25 bottles of “the terrible Bertier water, the most sparkling in the world”.


A parody work I was inspired to do due to Henry Cavill’s moustache. He already shaved it off, so this is more like a last hurrah for the moustache:


Nothing much… but what the heck.