The Arthin Occultation - Escalation (30 Mar 2017)


Level 1: Wear the Groundskeeper disguise and Eliminate Jariya Chansiri with a hatchet.


So servers are on in 50 minutes?


I hope so :wink:
20 servers

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yes less than 50 mins

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Cool, i will stream this shit then


New patch also removes The Adrian Eclipse escalation, because of the sticky pistol bug


Oke, going live now huehuehuehueue


Level 4’s alright. Don’t think 5 is going to be too popular. :joy:

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don’t spoil me, i’m still at lvl 2 :wink:

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No spoilers included. :wink:

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is it that bad?? 2020


You’ll see when you get there. :wink:

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lv5 IS GREAT ! 

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Where is the hatchet? Never used this in Bangkok before.

(Hide location for spoiler in case someone wants to search for it)


Right next to the target, for Pete’s sake.

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Who’s Pete?

Ps, I asked for the location of the hatchet, not an attitude problem. :rofl:

Thanks anyways.

Peace!!! :v:


I’m streaming the new Escalation right now, if anyone cares. I’ll also be recording it. Spoilers to be expected!


SAs are easy up to last level. Last two complications are the only challenging part.


This one is interesting, especially level 5 with those two restrictions.
SA is easy to be acheived overall. Personally I recommend the Groundskeeper start setup (also my approach).

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