The Arthin Occultation - Escalation (30 Mar 2017)

I hear ya (read ya?). It’s everywhere and almost no way to escape it.

Level 1 (53s)

Level 2 (59s)

Didn’t play the other levels yet, I’m on it huehueheuheu.

Edit: Level 3 doesn’t need a video, level 2 strat works exactly the same huehuehue.


The Arthin Occultation (2:01) SA


Level 4 SA (1:05)

Pretty straightforward.


I just rekky the Level 1 time huehuehue

(you can get 0:49 with this strat if you’re good enough)


Nice run huehuehuehuehuehuehue

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Level 5 SA (1:47)

You can drop things without dropping the axe if it’s the last item (for instance, you can drop your last coin, or a proximity duckie, but not a remote one because that equips the detonator), if you drop the axe in this escalation you fail huehuehuehue.

Also this Escalation is cheaterland, Leaderboards aren’'t even worth showing, this strat is rekky and I’m not even in the top 10 with that


Nowhere near the records (then again who even cares with the number of obvious cheaters), but here’s the first four levels (well, sorta) blind and then my refinement of the last level.

The Arthin Occultation LV1

The Arthin Occultation LV2-3

The Arthin Occultation LV4

The Arthin Occultation LV5

It’s not as fast, but it’s pretty funny!

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The Arthin Occultation Level 5 SA (1:17)

I don’t think I could pull it off without “dropping the hatchet” so I chose the easier way. :slight_smile:


Something broke here and I’m real curious what you did. Is it dropping the last Breaching Charge, which force-equips the detonator? Is creating the detonator a special condition that breaks the “don’t drop the Hatchet” condition? It certainly makes things easier if so.

EDIT: Yep, this is easy to replicate. Dropping the SECOND Breaching Charge drops the Hatchet without failing you.

Technically, you don’t actually ‘drop’ the hatchet, you only ‘drop’ the breach charge, so the game doesn’t pick up you’re no longer carrying the hatchet.

Very nice m8. Imo it does however ruin the escalation. Not being allowed to drop the axe was a cool complication and made routing it interesting.


@GuLe implied that dropping a Remote Duck will break the rules. I don’t know if he tested that. It does appear that pressing Drop, picking up any other two-hands item, or Throwing the Hatchet fails you, as does dropping the Hatchet itself from inventory. Dropping any item that doesn’t force-equip a detonator to your hand won’t drop the Hatchet, so in theory it should work for anything. Let me test that.

EDIT: Tested it. All explosives that add a detonator to your hand get around the restriction. ANY Breaching Charge dropped, including the first one, gets around it. I didn’t test the phone but the phone should also work, if someone wanted to take advantage of that somehow. Basically anything that when dropped from inventory forces another object into your hands drops the Hatchet and the indirect-from-inventory drop always gets around the restriction. Welp, so much for this Escalation.


[quote=“Nakar, post:40, topic:15736”]
@GuLe implied that dropping a Remote Duck will break the rules. I don’t know if he tested that.
[/quote]I didn’t test, I just assumed you can’t get rid of the axe in any way, IOI pls hueheuheuheueheu.

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Why are you guys even dropping a item at all?

Check my awesome strat, no items required

This was actually the first thing that came to my mind while I was watching streams of the escalation, even before people discovered the dropping trick. Turns out that just placing it on the ground works fine.


Wow, IOI really fucked up on this one.

Nice escalation, but they really fucked up.


It can still be enjoyed the way it’s meant to be played.

Sure, there are a few who only care about their leaderboard position who will abuse it. But fuck them :slight_smile:

Yeah FUCK those people man

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So I just got #1 using this glitch, RIP Kiniu huehuehuehuehu

Technically I cheated too but whatever, at least I’m not invisible.