The audio distraction devices STILL don't work

:man_shrugging: You might as well patch them out of the game entirely if you can’t figure out how to get the A.I to properly react to them two years later. I’m referring to Hitman 2, to be exact.


Yeah, audio devices are useless in HITMAN 2, sadly…

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I don’t understand how one can screw up this badly that you have gameplay elements that don’t even work. I might be willing to give it a pass if it stopped working because of a recent patch, but not if it hasn’t worked since the game first launched. I recall it barely working even in Hitman 2016, so really, this is inexcusable.

I hope they fix them in HITMAN™ 3, since they’re not going to patch HITMAN™ 2 ever again…

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By deleting them from inventory :slight_smile:


Last time I used them they seemed to turn all the heads of the nearest group, and then attract the nearest NPC to search for it.

I thought that was OK. But that was back at The Appraiser.

My nephew uses them a lot and I didn’t notice anything odd?

Has something changed?

It’s not that audio devices don’t work, but that the range of most of them is subpar and nerfed compared to Hitman 2016. Only the phone ringtone seems unscathed.

For example in Colorado, you can only lure people all the way from the first floor to the basement floor with phone ringtone. Blownaparate will work only if you put it on the stairs slightly. Forget about other audio devices.

In Hitman 2016 by comparison even mixtape 47 could consistently lure NPC’s between floors.

The fact that phones have the highest audio lure range when that isn’t even their main function (compared to the dedicated ica audio distractions/ mixtape 47) is another reason why electric phone is OP.

IMO dedicated audio distractions should have at least range of phone if nor more so to make them worth using over a device with a device with added functionality.

Then again, I am doubting IOI’s ability to balance when tasers and phone electrocute on dry land but two breachers are OP.


This honestly sounds too powerful. I personally never tried using the full range of the old audio devices.

Again, the phone ringtone in Hitman 2018 can also lure between floors. I’m just trying to balance phones vs other audio devices.

And it’s not just about luring between floors. In general the vanilla ice audio device has an audio lure range the same as any thrown object, if not less.

When dedicated audio lure devices can’t even do it better than a regular thrown item we have a problem.

Luring between floors isn’t unique to audio devices anyways. Bullet distractions on ceiling/ wall can do it, even throwing a muffin at ceilings can do it (spawn in the scientist start in Sapienza, try throwing a muffin at the ceiling).

And as a final retort, luring between floors is nowhere as OP as electric phone electrocuting on dry land. Luring is limited by the dimensions of the building like height of the walls, open doors or not etc, not every building allows that. I’m still salty about that, if IOI wants to balance they need to be consistent about it. You can’t nerf some shit to hell and keep other things OP.

They don’t work at all no matter the range. All of them are entirely broken.

That’s wrong lol. Although some devices have lower range they still work just fine.

Here is a video I made just now showing ICA Remote Audio Device, Napoleon Blownaparte, and ICA Flash Phone:

It took me like 2 minutes to make this video. Makes me wonder how long you investigated audio devices yourself.

And as a general tip, try to provide video proof for your claims next time. Makes your argument more specific, and less like talking out of your ass.

Distraction devices do work, their range is just severely limited.
It seems like all ranges - explosives, electrocution, sound, have all been reduced in H2.

The particular positioning for ranges is also pretty weird. I’ve had scenarios where putting devices within a few meters of an NPC would not cause them to investigate, but putting them in a different spot further away would get the NPC to react.

In Season 1 audio distractions were pretty neat, too bad they became 95% useless in H2. Hopefully we can see a return of the audio distraction in H3.

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Well maybe this is the problem, because I placed one literally within less than 10-15 feet of an NPC and they didn’t hear it. If anything, it shows the devices are broken. If I have to go though this mental gymnastics of finding the right spot where it actually works, then the device ain’t worth using at all. We live in a time where developers don’t fix their own damn games so we just have to tolerate it.

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By two meters.
It equals to ‘do not work’, same as they still useless in HITMAN 2.
Very few NPCs and/or targets can be distracted safely within 2 meters.
It’s more convenient to throw a coin or another throwable item

Yes, yes, yes and hundred of yeses