The Author - sapienza

After thourough searches amongst the town , i have finally found 2 emetic poisons !! One is located in the coffee shop where you will find the invitation for the reading ! Another one os in the wine store by the barber shop and bathrooms churchside ! Also if you are trying to get the grave robber challenge the insecticide is just down from the ica hideout in the floral shop !


Thanks Eric. Been looking for emetic poison on this for like 2 years. You’ve done me a favour that I won’t forget.


Not a problem man i had a hell of a time finding them , i know all the locations by day but they relocated to keep us all searching !

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There’s also an emetic poison in the trash bin inside the bathroom right next to your starting point.

As for the insecticide: Near the plumbers in the sewers is another one.

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and on the top of main tower in upper town

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Why is IO so adamant that no Sapienza mission have a lethal poison? You have to bring it along with you no matter which of the 4 you play. I like poisoning Brother Akram’s soup, but I also want to avoid killing the CCTV cameras or using a crowbar to open the door to his room when he go meets Craig Black. That means I need to bring along both a poison vial and a lockpick (because The Author also doesn’t have an apartment key lying around anywhere) and that severely limits my options all around. If a lethal poison bottle (and maybe a damn key like the other Sapienza missions) were just hidden somewhere to find I’d dominate this mission like a superhero.

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The guard sleeping on the chair on the way to the balcony has the key.
He also like to smoke sometimes

This is becoming a very useful thread imo.

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Like I said, “laying around anywhere.” I try to avoid knocking people out whenever possible. All the same, good info, I didn’t think this stage even had a key.

Speaking about this guy, is it ever mentioned that this specific guard has the key? I’ve noticed recently that it’s kind of arbitrary which npc’s have been given specific items. In Miami, there are two guards patrolling in the aquarium, but only one of them has a keycard. If you subdued the one without it, you’d probably never think the second guy had one. I don’t know, IOI is great at making maps, but certain aspects are overlooked.

I don’t know if someone mentioning about certain NPCs and items given to them, but from my experience I can say for sure that this guy have a key, or Jason Portman (red guy on the third floor of Sgail’s tower talking to two guards) has a vial of Botulotoxin etc etc etc
This is all about roaming levels, discovering and learning. And you will know all this things

Wait one fucking second. Jason Portman appeared in Isle of Sgail? Fuck me, how did I not know this? I need to find that Helmut Kruger wannabe and take a selfie with him.

I was surprised myself but he did indeed.
Also speaking of our old mates: Amos Dexter there too. He’s on the balcony facing that big birdie thing

Wow, okay.

In researching this, I also found out that Andrea Martinez makes an appearance in Paris, drinking on the balcony at the IAGO auction.

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The CEO of Hamilton Lowe is also there

Let’s stick to the thread, guys


In hindsight that operation was probably a really bad idea.

And to add something useful to the topic: There’s a waiter disguise right next to a sleeping guy in the apartment building across the morgue. Easy to get if you have a lock pick, in case you want to poison Black’s drink.

That pic is actually from H2016, they updated her in H2 to match how she looks in Colombia.