The Bank.. lose silent assassin

I lose silent assassin rating for ruining franks day… it’s an accident when u shoot the wet sign and he slips and falls… I lose silent assassin when I put chloroform in the vents it says body found anyone else having this problem… I can’t distract Athena Savalas wit the gramophone either can anyone help??

Athena’s behaviour is bugged in general and can’t react to any form of distraction and the other actions have being modified to make you lose SA while IO fixes a bug related to the conditions to achieve SA.

Some patches ago, when you could make people slip by removing the “Wet Floor” signs and also gas with the guards with the chloroform and KEEP the SA rating, there was a deal that allowed you to KO people with explosions (specially those of the Fire Extiguishers) and still keep SA rating, but the problem was that by KO an NPC with an explosion from a FE, caused a bug that allowed you to keep SA rating with ANY OTHER BODY FOUND, including those from people killed in front of a crowd by gunshots, explosions, thrown melee, etc.

So, while this is fixed, by making people slip with the wet floor, KO them with chloroform, rendering them unconcious with explosions or similar, you’ll lose SA rating.


It’s a glitch, acknowledged in the patch notes. Like the “puking in a trash can” glitch all we can hope for is it’s fixed when the resort launches.

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Thanks for the reply :ok_hand:t3: Hope they fix it soon

Thank you for the reply :ok_hand:t3:

I started off in the investment suit/location and went up to the targets office used gramophone to distract her and killed her wit the trophy it seemed to only work when I use investment start location

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Wow thx finally got that challenge done thx to you. It was my last one. Ready for Haven Island now. Thank you very much.

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Your welcome that’s great I’m glad I could be of help :ok_hand:t3: