The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


Personally I think a train mission would be a terrible map due to how small it would be and how limited it would be in disguises and kills


Anything very small and having very small number of possible disguises.

Like the ISS. This especially because falling accidents take like a year.


Some people wanted to see a prison map. I’m not sure how well this would work. But hey, it’s possible


What are you talking about, we got a prison map in Absolution, and it was a truly spectacular one!



A large sprawling island.


Well it’s a very limited experience and not really what people want to see. It’s a hub travel map, no target. I think people are more asking about a level taking place in a big states prision, with targets. A map where you can play the part as inmate, guard and so on.

I think a Prision level could be an interesting concept on paper, but if it will be a good setting is hard to say.


Basically every location that tends to have a lot of children: For example Disney World Amusement Park.

I mean, how would 47 even get into those tiny clothes :s


Yeah, I was kidding, the prison in Absolution was abysmal.

I don’t think a prison would work very well as a full-size map, but I’d love it if it worked.


Just make the level take place when 47 was 10 years of age. Setting: 47 and 6 won a Asylum trip to Disneyland Paris with Ort-Meyer, while there an entitled kid shoves Subject 6 and takes his spot in line. Subject 6 drops his ice-cream cone on the ground, 47 doesn’t like this one bit. So he goes on a search for the brat.

The way you take care of the problem is by sneaking up on the brat and giving him a wet willy or atomic wedgie.

also i’m lobbing for a writing job at IO, it’s time we explore 47 past to the core. So IO give me a call.


Plot twist: that brat who shoved subject 6 and took his spot grew up to be no one other than Joe Clarence


I remember someone suggesting a mission on an airplane. In my opinion such a map wouldn’t work in HITMAN. Not only is the map very small, but you’re even more limited in your movement than on a train. And you’re always surrounded by other people. There are no empty rooms for you to subdue and hide an NPC. Maybe a private plane the size of Air Force One could work, but defiantly not a passenger plane.


There’s no challenge to hard for 47. Master of disguises.


What location it wouldn’t work? One of those places where Lara Croft was fighting dinos or Monster Hunter world.


Schools. It may sound obvious for obvious reasons, but I’ve seen people try and lobby IO for it, maybe time for the FBI watchlist?


Technically there was a school in Marrakesh. And it was the most lethal place to be.


Prior to Miami I would’ve actually said ‘a racetrack’ but boy did they prove me wrong.
I dislike army bases and dont see them working without being splintercell 2.0.
Except that I actually kinda liked tubeway torpedo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A plane, while flying. Terrible idea.


Yeah. You would pretty much have to kill everyone


47: destroys all parachutes and causes a big leak in the fuel container
Diana: “Well done, by making sure nobody gets out of this plane alive you have effectively killed the target. Clever solution, 47.”


A train, while riding. Terrible idea aswell


I wonder if a nasa esc base would work with one of the kills being malfunctioning a rockets launch. :slight_smile: