The beauty of Hitman's formula is that it can work almost anywhere. What location do you NOT see it working in?


I don’t know about trains and planes tbh. I getwhy they aren’t very hitman-y but I kinda love the idea of something like the orient expressw here you have older carriages and dinnercars etc. The mission could start on the platform and move into the train. I have a feeling it could be done


An internet forum.
Too many witnesses.
Virtualy no weapons.
Plenty of disguises though!


ICA Headquarters. While it is a very cool setting, I think it would very hard to pull off. Unless they make something like 47 going rogue again, or that a faction of the ICA are secretly Providence operatives, or that a hostile group invaded their HQ or something then I don’t think it could work too well.


So Hitman: Absolution meets Splinter Cell: Conviction? Is it just me, or do these two tend to be chosen as worst of their respective franchises?


Like others have said earlier a moving plane or a moving train would not work well for hitman because they are so cramped with limited opportunities. However, I think an entire airport or train station could have potential if done well.


Well, I would say from experience it does not work in a factory.

Man I hated Death Factory.


I think a factory level could be phenomenal, as long as it wasn’t a chopped-up, linear, cartoonish mess like Death Factory was.

  1. Hollywood - including :

Warner Bros movie set of Hitman 47 movie in progress: – 47 could disguise himself on the movie set playing 47 in the movie.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. with exploding Gucci bags

Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame

  1. The Vatican - City State. Like to see 47 take on the Pope.


How would it be bad? As soon as you hurt a child or cause collateral damage the mission would fail. Have the target be a visious headmaster who punished students in cruel unusual ways.

The second I shot Agent Smith in Flatline I failed the mission. Same can be said here. Also a condition should be no bodies found.

Basically the only way to do the mission would be silent assassin.


You mean kind of like the finale in MIB 3?


The Universal lot wouldn’t be bad either you’d have a redacted feat called “Bruce Almighty” which is solvable by killing a target using the Jaws Mechanical Shark, whose on-set name was “Bruce”.


Reminds me of that one mission in Hitman 2, where you couldn’t kill UN soldiers. So yes there could be a similar justification that killing children is bad for business.

Making SA mandatory to complete a mission, however, is a bit too much.

Also I’m assuming that Contracts Mode would be a no-go for such a mission.

Honestly, If I had to choose between a school mission with all these restrictions and another mission with none of these restrictions, I would always chose the latter. There are so many other interesting less-controversial locations that we don’t really need a school.


I don’t know what others are talking about. How couldn’t an airplane mission work? Maybe if it were just a mission that took place on a plane, fine.

But what about a mission that starts out at the airport? Think about it. It could be sort of on a timer. You have to try to get the target before they board the plane. (But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will fail once the target gets on the plane)

Obviously there would be more kill opportunities in the air port

  • Place weapon in Targets luggage to have him detained. (This point he would never get on plane so you wouldn’t have to worry about timer)

  • Eliminate target in bathroom.

  • Call targets name over intercom for so and so (Phone call for…) (Luggage found at so and so) something to get the target alone.

  • Poison drink or food in lobby

  • Snipe target from outside somewhere far away. (Possible accident set ups as well) Chandelier, explosion, shoot escalator stairs to cause him to fall back etc…

But if you miss it and succeed to get on the plane with the target, you have to eliminate them before the destination is reached. Now obviously there would be less opportunities once on the plane but it could still work for a few at least.

  • Disguise as stewardess to poison drink for target.

  • Eliminate target in bathroom (drown, fiber Wire, snap neck, pistol etc.)

  • Poison targets mask and cause small distraction on plane that causes panic and everyone puts on their mask.

  • Sit next to target and smother with pillow or snap neck (cutscene would happen) the people would just think he’s sleeping.

  • (unrealistic sure) but open plane door and kick them out? Lol

Then only one exit: parachute


Y’know I don’t think I’ve seen MIB 3 but maybe.


Because we said:

Which would be way too restrictive. We said nothing about an airport


I know nobody said an airport. Which is why I brought it up. It could start there which would offer a lot more opportunities. The flying airplane part would be more restricted yes. But it could work.

Having it both airport AND airplane COMBINED would offer a lot of opportunities. Plus if you don’t like the flying airplane part you can just take the target out quick which I’m sure you would appreciate anyway :wink:


I’d prefer a luxury cruise ship:





Yes, that is a splendid idea as well. Definitely many opportunities there that’s for sure. It would be like Death On The Mississippi but 100 times more possibilities.


Yeah especially because the most expensive cruise ships are insanely huge, easily the size of paris (the map not the city lol)


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